Why Da Nang is the Perfect Homebase for Poker Players

Welcome to Da Nang, a hidden gem in the heart of Vietnam, often overlooked but a haven for the local and international poker players. Da Nang offers not only the allure of the game but also an unforgettable cultural experience, making it a paradise for poker lovers.

An Oasis for Poker Players

Are you a professional player engaged in the (local) Vietnamese Series of Poker (VSOP), WPT Prime, or the Asian Poker Tour, or just a casual fan enjoying cash games in bustling cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh? Da Nang is surely a place that you can consider making your home base to re-energize.

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Even international players, often seen jetting off to other Asian countries for the Asian Poker Tour, WPT Prime events, Asia Pacific Poker Tour, Hong Kong Poker Tour, or Poker Dream Taiwan, hold Da Nang close to their hearts. After the intense thrill of international games, coming back to Da Nang is much like returning home, and for good reason.

And… Talking about the Asian Poker Tour (APT). It’s kind of a big deal in Da Nang and the city gets to host it once or twice every year. The next one’s already marked on the calendar, from July 21 to July 31. Its complete schedule you can find HERE.

The APT is like a magnet for all kinds of poker players, the newbies, the regulars, and the big shots. And Da Nang? Well, it just sits back, takes it all in stride, and offers up an amazing venue to play some serious poker. This city is just cool like that.

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As the days to the APT Summer Series get crossed off, Da Nang doesn’t break a sweat. It just keeps on doing its thing, prepping up to welcome everybody. The city knows the drill. The APT isn’t just about poker, it’s about enjoying the game in a place that knows how to have a good time. The game is a blast, the city is awesome. It’s as simple as that.

The Laid-back Appeal of Da Nang

What makes Da Nang special is its unique blend of tranquility and excitement. Its laid-back lifestyle provides the perfect environment to relax and recharge after long, adrenaline-fueled poker sessions. And when it’s time to jet off again, Da Nang’s excellent flight connections make the transition smooth and effortless.

After being on the road for sometimes weeks or months, unwind on one of Da Nang’s picturesque beaches. Take a leisurely stroll along the sandy shores, sample some of the local delicacies, or simply sit back and take in the stunning views. There’s no better way to refresh your senses and prepare for the next poker challenge.

Da Nang Suits Every Poker Player’s Budget

Whether you’re a high-stakes player or just starting, Da Nang has something for everyone. Accommodations range from budget-friendly apartments, houses to luxurious condominiums and townhouses or villas, all offering exceptional comfort and convenience. You can find a place that fits your budget without compromising on your experience.

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A Vibrant Poker Scene in Da Nang

Da Nang is more than just a base for international poker players; it’s also a host to the Asian Poker Tour, attracting a myriad of players from across the region. The city is already gearing up for the upcoming APT Summer Series scheduled from July 21 to July 31.

Local poker rooms in Da Nang offer live cash games and tournaments, providing an excellent training ground for both professionals and amateurs. With a playing field softened by Korean and Chinese tourists, the city offers great opportunity for players to continue earning their income in live poker.

1. The Dragon Poker Club

In the heart of Da Nang lies the Dragon Poker Club, an establishment founded in 2022 by Korea’s biggest poker club, KMGM. Offering daily cash games and regular tournaments, it’s a hub for players looking to immerse themselves in the local poker culture. As the official host of the APC, it’s at the center of Da Nang’s thriving poker scene.

WIN poker Da Nang
The beautiful interior of the WIN Poker Club in Da Nang

2. The WIN Poker Club

Another hotspot for poker enthusiasts is the WIN Poker Club, which also operates in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. This club has been delivering non-stop tournaments to its players since its inception. Supervised by the Poker and Bridge Federation, WIN Poker Club, in line with Vietnamese laws, offers only tournament poker, keeping the excitement levels high.

3. The King of Poker Club

The King of Poker Club, as the name suggests, is the domain where high stakes come into play. It’s a hotspot for professional poker players, a congregation point for Asia’s successful celebrities. Here, seasoned professionals mingle with entrepreneurs, creating a competitive environment reminiscent of Macao’s vibrant poker scene. The club is also a beloved hangout for Hanoi’s poker enthusiasts, who often engage in friendly inter-club matches.

What sets the King of Poker Club apart isn’t an overly formal setting like many other casinos. Instead, it’s the refined style of the players that imbues the place with a sense of class and luxury. The club offers virtual cash games with no limit, giving players free reign over their bets. Collaborating with esteemed poker players such as Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, and Johny Chan, the club offers an international playground for poker aficionados.

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4. SOKHA Poker Da Nang

Post the prominence of Win Poker in Da Nang, SOKHA Poker emerged. Launched in February 2018 to cater to the burgeoning demand of poker enthusiasts, SOKHA Poker quickly gained popularity to become a beloved club in Da Nang.

Perfectly positioned by the idyllic Han River, the club provides a serene setting, enhanced by an optimal lighting system. This tranquil environment helps players focus on their game, fostering a sense of calm and enabling them to play in peace. In the world of Da Nang poker, SOKHA offers a haven for every card-playing enthusiast.

Final Words on Da Nang Poker

For a professional player seeking a new home base, a peaceful retreat, an amateur looking to level up your game, or just a poker lover longing for an exotic adventure, Da Nang offers a poker experience like no other. So come and embrace the thrill of the game and life in beautiful Da Nang.

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