From Journalist to Gambling Expert – Chistoffer Ødegarden on the Draw of the Industry

The combined forces of the gambling industry and the internet have created a fountain of opportunities for people within the sector. Becoming increasingly profitable and popular over the last two decades, the gambling industry doesn’t look like it will put the brakes on anytime soon.

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As more money continues to fund research and development in the sector, sectors within the industry are also experiencing rapid growth. There are ample profits to support the growth of computer design companies, better graphics and more sophisticated use of top-of-the-range technology such as AI.

Today’s interviewee noted: “I’ve been in the sector for 5+ years now, and I’m getting more excited by the possibilities daily. Who knows where the gambling industry will be in the next five years? I, for one, can’t wait to find out and explore it. That’s one of the biggest draws for me.” Luckily, we got to interview him today to find out more.

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Although we can see that all of this is happening on paper, today, we will be bringing you an interview with Chistoffer Ødegarden to discuss how switching from a traditionally secure job in journalism to becoming a gambling expert has become a reality. We will explore why he’s made the switch, what drives his career choice and what the industry draws are.

Hi Chistoffer, thank you so much for your time today; we can appreciate you’re very busy. So many people will be intrigued by your career change; how did that happen?

“Hello, you’re welcome! I’m glad to be here and to help give people an insight into the draw of the gambling industry and how it’s turned into my full-time job. The internet has changed a lot of things in our world, but few people would argue that these changes have been as profound as they have been in the gambling sector.

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There are parallels between journalism and gambling, and it’s not as drastic a career change as you’d expect. However, the rise of the internet has heavily impacted both industries. The casino industry leaned into it, while the media industry has struggled to take it in stride. That’s not to say there’s not great journalism out there, but now it is exposed to a global marketplace.

I noticed that this shift was more favorable to the gambling industry than the journalism industry and that it presented an excellent chance to jump ship and try my hand at a career I’ve always enjoyed.”

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That’s a great insight, so what transferrable skills have you made work in the casino sector?

“As I mentioned, our digital world has made it so many sectors of both industries intertwine. For example, my background in writing and editing has allowed me to become a successful editor at JohnSlots and NYECasino.

My background in knowing how the nuances of the internet work and how the correct type of writing can allow you to attract customers to your product ensured it was a relatively smooth transition into the gambling world.”

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A gambling expert? Is that what it sounds like?

“Not quite! I wish I had a crystal ball and could predict how a casino game would go. I’m more of an expert in knowing what customers are looking for and how to give it to them.”

So what’s the draw of the industry?

“Where to begin? Journalism is fun, don’t get me wrong, journalists make the wheels of society spin, but the gambling industry is just so exciting, isn’t it? It feels like the waves of legislation provide fertile ground for digital casino companies to expand, especially in America… It’s like you’re getting your foot in the door early for something that’s going to really take off.

It’s an industry that is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. You see some of the games designed in this space and the technology behind them, which is staggering. People in the casino industry don’t sit on their hands and worry about the emergence of other disruptive technologies. Instead, they look at them and ask: ‘How do we incorporate this technology into our sector?’

It’s similar to journalism because it is a 24/7 industry, and it’s constantly changing. So, the goalposts move often, and it keeps you on your toes. Now that I’ve managed to carve out my own niche in the sector with JohnSlots and NYECasino, it grabs me and pulls me in a way that the journalism sector didn’t.”

The technology point is an interesting one; care to elaborate on that one?

“Of course, no problem; the digital casino industry is a mammoth sector. Although some people would argue it is saturated, this is only true for companies that come to the table with a blueprint for an unoriginal design. I’m not saying those business models don’t work, but you have a much better chance of becoming a success in the industry if you can find an avenue into the industry that is unique and incorporates the latest tech.

The most common examples are casinos that allow cryptocurrency. While regulators tread water and take years to pass legislation, casino companies have picked up on the possibilities and run with it. The same applies in the world of artificial intelligence as well; it’s another sector that is seeing billions of dollars’ worth of investment, and industries that learn to swim and adapt to technology do far better than those who try to resist it.”

Sounds interesting. What else would you say are significant positives for you?

“I enjoy all aspects of the gambling industry; I enjoy writing about it and appreciate that it’s one of the fastest-growing sectors implementing a wide range of digital solutions. I can’t think of another industry that regularly implements brand-new technologies such as cryptocurrency, AI and the latest computer graphics and looks ahead for solutions instead of ways to dilute it and suffocate its potential.”

There’s more variety in digital casinos too, isn’t there?

“You’re right, but it’s another example of how the casino industry works as one unit. Instead of besmirching the rise of digital casinos, land-based casinos use the technology to livestream games or encourage people to join by using some of the methods that have been so successful for those in the digital casino sector.

You’ll find that digital casinos have more welcome bonuses, promotional offers and many more choices across the board, whether in slot machine gaming, roulette, blackjack or poker. That’s why I am more interested in what digital casinos can offer collectively instead of land-based casinos, not that there isn’t a market for them. The online casino industry is simply more interesting to me in all honesty.”

Five years is a long time in such a fast-moving industry; what keeps you interested?

“There’s so much I don’t even know where to begin. There’s so much job satisfaction in finding something you enjoy doing and turning it into a career. When the industry moves exponentially in such a positive direction, that also helps. Journalism is a fantastic career for some, but I felt it was too stagnant for me, I wanted something more forward-thinking and exciting, and I have definitely found it.”

Any advice to people looking to enter the industry?

“If you’re looking for a career change, it’s best to seek opinions and advice from various people. I am happy that I made the switch, and I haven’t looked back, but everybody’s situation is different. If you’re attracted to the immense possibilities of the online casino industry, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and witness some of the incredible innovations occurring almost daily within the industry.”

So Chistoffer, do you have a favorite type of casino game?

“I think the slot machine industry is the most exciting sector at the moment; with the rise of AI, VR and a variety of other technologies, it’s one that I’ll keep my eye on the most. My involvement with JohnSlots means I need to keep up with slot machine games and how they look, sound and play. So, it’s kind of my job, which is fantastic!”

Do you see yourself returning to journalism?

“Who knows? Never say never, I suppose. However, at the moment, the draw of the gambling and casino industry continues to pull me in, and I can’t see myself getting bored anytime soon.”

Final question, how big do you see the digital gambling sector getting?

“In the short to medium term, the potential for this industry to become a global industry that churns out nine-figure profits annually is more or less a formality. Depending on how many other countries and American states get on board, we could see the rise of a monumentally significant sector.”

Well, Chistoffer, thank you so much for being so open and detailed about your switch to the casino industry and the facets of it which continue to grab your attention!

If you’re interested in Chistoffer’s career and want to learn more about how he has made this switch and how it works for him, why not check out some of his work at John Slots or NYECasino?

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