The First Jackpot Winners of 2023 Revealed in Australia

Not everyone who plays pokies or other casino games can call themselves a jackpot winner. No matter how hard players try, they can’t win a large sum until good luck strikes. Despite that, there are those that do get the winning numbers and become millionaires overnight. The year 2023 started with a bang for a number of Australians who won millions of dollars in various lotteries and online casinos. Let’s take a look at some of the winners in Australia and their stories.

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Online Casino Jackpot

Many gamblers’ ultimate dream is landing on that one set of reels that wins you the jackpot. To do so, you can register at top-rated Aussie casino websites and try the most reputable pokies there are. Start with small wagers and see if you are lucky, like the anonymous Aussie who hit a jackpot of $126,030 AUD in RocketPlay Casino. In March 2023, this gambler from down under decided to bet AUD 60 on the Hot Green Chilli slot machine. Little did she know that her wager would give her a massive x2100 multiplier.

The online casino market has been on the rise in recent years, with more and more gamblers opting for online gambling instead of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. This win is a testament to the increasing popularity of online casinos in Australia.

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Australian Lottery’s Lucky Winner

A fortunate player won a whopping $40 million in the Australian Lottery in February 2023. However, the initial response to winning such a large sum was not as expected. The Powerball jackpot winner ignored multiple calls from the officials, thinking it to be a scam. The winner eventually did find out about her lucky break, but it took time, effort, and a bit of additional luck.

Almost Lost in Scam Folder and Saved by Press Release

The anonymous Aussie found out about her lottery prize when she saw a press release from The Lott. She figured out that she was the mystery winner and got in touch with the authorities. It’s safe to say that her life changed instantly when she got to know of her multi-million dollar winnings.

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Dreams Come True

The lottery winner admitted that she thought the whole thing was a scam. After realizing otherwise, she was highly relieved. The win gave her a chance to finally quit her job and spend time with her family. The money would also help her pay off their mortgage. She said her plan was to ensure that the prize lasts for a long time so she can set her family up for the future.

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A Funny Double $1 Million Winning

Those who like playing slots always aim for a significant win. These titles are among the best ways to change one’s fortune. Some players do hit jackpots from time to time. Pokies aren’t the only way to receive a life-changing amount though. The lottery, for example, is a great alternative.

A couple from Australia won the $1 million lottery, twice in one week. This is an incredibly rare feat. The couple’s funny secret to success? The wife’s anger. The husband had forgotten to submit his wife’s preferred ticket numbers a week before. This angered her, leading the husband to put the same numbers twice to make it up to her. As fate would have it, the numbers ended up being the winning ones, making the couple $2 million richer.

Incredible Odds

Winning the lotto jackpot twice is almost unheard of for Aussies. According to experts, landing even one winning ticket has odds of one in 1.845 million! Understandably, the couple was in shock at how fortunate they’d gotten.

Big Wins, Big Plans

Being smart with their finances, the winners decided to spend the money helping their family. The wife said she could buy her daughter a house and set up her children and grandkids for a brighter future.

Oz Lotto’s Millionaire

The Oz Lotto has been popular in Australia for years. In early 2023, a lucky winner won $30 million. At the time, this amount was the year’s biggest for the OZ Lotto jackpot. The fortunate Aussie bought the winning ticket online via Lotterywest.

The Incredible Wake-Up Call

The winner’s name has not been disclosed, but we do know that he received the news of his win via a phone call. This became the most incredible wake-up call of the winner’s life, and he couldn’t believe his luck. He described his own reaction as “screaming and crying” after realizing he’d become a millionaire.

Plans for the Money

According to the Daily Mail, the OZ lotto winner has plans in place for his newfound wealth. A part of the way forward is to buy his first house. He was already in the process of buying it, but thanks to the win, he no longer needs a mortgage. The money is especially helpful since the country does not take taxes on lotto winnings, giving more to the people.


The year 2023 has already seen a number of significant jackpot wins in Australia. These slot and lottery winners have all had their lives changed in significant ways. It is always interesting to see what such people do with their wealth. While hitting the jackpot is undoubtedly an exciting experience, it’s essential to remember that you must handle money with care. A lot of gamblers burn through massive amounts of cash, doing things that are useless in the grand scheme. Luckily, all the winners on our list have long-term plans and want to be responsible with the gift they’ve been given.

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