Videogames that Require both Skill and Luck

Games like chess, which are based entirely on skill and strategy, have a huge following. But to be a top chess player requires a unique way of thinking, not to mention a tremendous amount of practice, that most people just do not possess and don’t have the time to develop.

That’s why games that can combine elements of both skill and strategy, similar to card games like most of the blackjack tables online, or the board game, backgammon, are so popular. In fact, backgammon is one of the of, if not the oldest, board games in the world, dating back to at least 3000 BC.


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And it is the same when it comes to video games. Purely skill and strategy-based games have a following and can be fun to play. But they require a commitment of time and concentration we can’t always make. So for some more relaxing entertainment, here are some great video games that require both skill and luck.


Tetris is a classic that goes back to the days before online gaming. A generation of kids fought their siblings for time on the Gameboy to try and land the differently shaped blocks in the right spaces before the screen filled, and it was game over. Guiding the blocks to land in the best spaces as they fell requires both speed and skill, but the random pattern in which the blocks fall adds that element of luck that makes the game so addictive.

Mario Party

Mario Party is another old-timer that will conjure up a lot of fond memories. And the great thing was, you don’t have to be an old hand at the game to win. Even beginners are in with a chance against more experienced players, thanks to the constant deluge of bonus stars and coins.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is the first spinoff of Clash of Clans. It’s a free-to-play real-time strategy video game combining elements from collectable card games, tower defence, and multiplayer online battle arena. Players build battle decks and launch characters into battle one by one to try and destroy the enemies towers and, ultimately, the castle while protecting their own.

The random element comes from how the battle deck is used. This consists of eight cards, but only four can be accessed at one time, and only if there is enough elixir in the meter. And the deck is shuffled at the start of each battle, so the player never knows which cards will come up.

Mario Kart

The Mario racing game features the same random bonus awards system as the original Mario Party. Here, they come in the form of power-ups, and getting the right one at the right time can take a player from the back of the pack to the front. But unlike its predecessor, it does take some skill to stay in the race in the first place, so this is a game where luck comes into play only between players of the same skill level.

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