Casino Tipping Etiquette: Origins, History & Modern Day

Tipping practices are standard in casinos to ensure a fair and smooth gaming experience. Unlike when you get a no deposit bonus, tips are given after a well-done job. Giving tips is optional, but online gaming and brick-and-mortar casino operators welcome the idea since giving a couple dollars after a big win would suit everyone. It is, however, essential to note that some etiquette surrounds how to tip in the casino.

History and Origin of Tipping

The exact time players started to tip is still being determined, but we know it has come a long way. Although casinos in Europe and the UK are still underway with fully integrating it, Australia and the rest of the world have been tipping for decades.


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Although we have no solid proof, we firmly believe that tip-giving evolved alongside modernizing casinos just as gratuity became a thing in several restaurants. As casinos became widespread in various countries, players started to find ways to appreciate the dealer and service provider in casinos with a few dollars from their win. Most players did this to enjoy a dealer that does a good job, or so they watch their back. And slowly, tip-giving became a norm to the point some casinos introduced tip jars where players could drop tips.

Tipping in Modern Day Casinos

The sight of players giving a tip is fast becoming a norm in the casino industry. As a result, it is best to know how to navigate the tipping world before visiting any casino. It is important to note that casinos are run differently from one place to another, just like casino entry is accessible in some areas, and in others, players have to pay an entrance fee. Therefore there is no general rule as to how players can tip.

Tipping Casino Dealers

If you play at casino tables often, you will interact with a dealer often. Regardless of the table game you are playing, be it roulette, craps, or blackjack, it is you against the house. The dealers are the players that represent the house and battle you (via dealer’s bet).

However, a dealer is first an entertainer and then a dealer. So when players tip a dealer, it isn’t about their services but also their entertainment. But when it comes to tipping dealers, it can get confusing.

A critical point to note when you decide to tip a dealer is that the tipping guideline and accepted practices differ depending on the game. Read on to find the guidelines for the different table games. You can also go straight to the guidelines for your favourite table games.

Tipping Blackjack Dealers

You can tip your blackjack croupier either by handing chips to them or placing a bet for the dealer. Most gamblers go with putting a chance for the blackjack dealer. If you place a bet for the dealer and they win, the dealer gets both the original bet and its wins. Hence, if you place a $10 bet and it wins, the dealer gets both. This bit is vital since many gamblers try to get back their capital.

On the other hand, when discussing how much you should tip your blackjack dealer, it depends on you. For most people, the go-to option is $5. However, you can drop a little extra for customer service after winning a few big heads. Plus, a $5 here and there is fitting if you play much bigger.

Tipping Craps Dealers

Similarly to a blackjack table, you get two options when you tip the dealer. You can decide to place a bet for them or give them a tip directly. The only major difference is you can assume that the dealer wants you to place a bet for them.

Some dice players hand over a chip while their session has come to an end. However, most dice players like to put the dealers in action for good luck. You can ask the dealers to pick between a hard way bet or a pass line bet. These options allow the dealers to choose between earning more money with less luck or making even better luck.

If you are new to tip-giving, starting crap games with a small crowd is usually great. Lesser group helps you figure out what form of tip you want. Suppose the system is still unclear; you can ask any of the crap dealers on the table to put you through the process.

Tipping Roulette Dealers

Tipping a roulette casino dealer is more tricky than tipping in other table games. In roulette, you can only play the chips directly in front of you till you cash out. However, when you decide to tip, you still get two options.

You can decide to keep some of your chips at toss a few to the dealers when you finally decide to tip. The other option is when you are swapping your chips for real money. However, the problem with betting at the end of a session is you might need to figure out how much is appropriate.

When it comes to how to tip the dealer, it might be challenging. It is hard to set fixed rules on how gambling should go, how often you tip, and when. Tipping also depends greatly on other factors. How much you win, how good or fast the dealer is, and how involved the dealers are.

Tipping a Slot Attendant

Tipping slot attendants is a simple affair. There are no slot dealers, but that doesn’t mean you can tip while playing slots. But when playing slot machines, you still have access to certain services, and there are openings you can exploit.

For instance, in some American casinos, the slot floor person should pay any payout of more than $1,200. Typically, tipping starts at $20 and goes up a few dollars to 3 to 10% of your jackpot, depending on your bank. Also, a tip is only appropriate if you call an attendant to offer help. You can also tip for a service. If you’re playing a new game, like the latest slot, Milkshake XXXtreme, from evolution-owned NetEnt, you can tip an attendant for providing an unforgettable experience.

Tipping at Poker Tables

If you play poker at casinos, tipping is typically expected. Poker has the most expectation for tipping of all the games on this web page. The atmosphere around you during the session isn’t always nice when you don’t tip. Moreover, several poker dealers will only deal so well on tables that tip the dealer. You should tip poker dealers if:

  • You are playing a cash game, you can tip $1 when you win a hand. However, your tip has to get bigger when you win a big pot.
  • You win in a tournament, tipping depends on several factors. First, you can decide what to do if the casino has taken money aside for the dealers and staff.

But if the casino doesn’t give out extra, you can consider tipping the dealers. You can tip anywhere between 1 to 5% depending on how much you are ready to let go. If it was a small tournament you won, you should tip a little higher.

How Much Should You Tip Dealers in Casinos?

The amount you are willing to let go when you decide to tip solely depends on you. However, when you tip, tip how well you feel the dealers or those who offered service deserved it. The rate can range from 1% to 10% of your winnings. There are no fixed rules, so feel free to give what you can afford.

Aside from dealers, there are other people in the casinos you can tip in the casino. And the amount you tip also varies. Some notable mentions of other service providers that deserve tops in casinos are cocktail servers and valets. It won’t hurt to slip in a 5 dollar bill in a tip jar here and there.

Tipping Etiquette in Australia and the Rest of the World

As a player, tipping may take extra cash from your pocket, but its acceptability still needs to be 100%. For instance, tipping in the UK was illegal until recently. In most casinos in Europe, tipping is still rare; if it happens at all, it is discreet. In a place like Macau, the manager takes most of the tips given to dealers.

However, a casino night is often associated with players’ tip in Australia and most parts of America, especially the gambling hub of Las Vegas. So, if your casino accepts tipping from the casino staff, do it. It won’t hurt to give them a few chips as a way to say thank you. If you think you deserve to get a no-deposit bonus, it is only natural that a service staff who is professional and polite gets a tip. Tipping shouldn’t only be for the dealer. You can also tip the cocktail waitresses and taxi drivers on your way back.


The tipping culture in the gambling industry has come a long way for Americans and the rest of the world. The practice has pervaded most casinos, with some gambling staff getting a chunk of their salaries from tips. Giving tips in casinos can get complicated, especially if tipping online gaming operators. It is completely voluntary, for sure. Nobody will be extorting you for your money just because general etiquette said so!

Of course, some casinos have specific rules when it comes to tipping. We hope you learnt more about tipping etiquette in casinos. And we hope that everything you learnt will be useful for you in the future. All the “when,” “who,” and “how” of tipping. Good luck and happy tipping for your next casino attendance!

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