Pachinko – An Alternative to Online Casino Slots

Although gambling is a source of pure entertainment and fun in many parts of the world, we can still say some countries are not there yet. Casino slots are very common among gamblers in the UK and the US. But this is not the situation globally. Except for sports betting, motorcycling, and horse racing, almost all other forms of gambling are illegal in Japan. However, the Japanese have an appealing and thrilling game that meets the needs of many gamblers – Pachinko!

Some gamblers and online casino fans argue that this game is similar to online slots. Other players think of it as just another game for the gambling community. Certainly, the Pachinko slot machine game has similarities with the slot machine, which everyone is familiar with, but there are notable differences. This review discusses the differences between the Pachinko and online slots in Japanese casinos. Let’s dive in!


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So, what is Pachinko Machine?

Pachinko originated in Japan as an alternative to citizens breaking strict gambling regulations. It is mostly referred to as the Japanese slot machine or vertical pinball game. The mechanical game is played on slot-like machines, similar to western pinball. The game uses pins, metal balls, levers, traps, and many other obstacles in its design. Pachinko slots are also used as a gambling device and recreational arcade gaming.

The gaming pattern is simple. Players get some metal balls and play them in the machine. They can win more balls if they land in the right places, which could also trigger a jackpot. Similar to online casino slot machines, but beautifully different. The balls are then traded for a prize, which could be exchanged for real money.

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Differences Between Pachinko and Slot Machines.

Cultural differences

Pachinko casino parlors have evolved, but they are not there yet. At least when compared with a brick-and-wall casino, there are distinct attributes. Gambling in a casino is more of a social event; hence, the ambiance suits this game style. You get patrons in a retail casino establishment celebrating a win or masking the pain of a loss. Naturally, they could sit and discuss before the game began, even without knowing each other. The Pachinko parlors have their players sited quietly. It is more of a solitary pursuit, and players do not necessarily want to engage in discussion as they play.

Unfortunately, many consider interaction with other Pachinko players as bad luck – also, talking during games, touching the ball players use, etc., are not done. New players will have to learn this culture if they are to engage in a Pachinko game.

Skills and Luck

Another vital difference between Pachinko and casino slots is the manner of play. Slots games depend entirely on luck. The player has no influence or control over the outcome, but the Pachinko slot has a skill-based component that controls the speed of the ball. Pachinko players aim to take the ball down the machine to the winning hole, where they would be awarded more balls and possibly a jackpot. To do this, players would have to trigger the ball at an angle that can make it happen. This demands a high level of attention to detail and the ability to make certain adjustments, which you do not need in an online slot game.

In addition to getting the right angle, Pachinko players need to put in the right energy to create the speed that can guarantee success. If they put too much energy, the speed would send the ball away from contention, and too soft would keep it away from its target. All these are not talked about with slots. Spin the reels, and you are good to go. Once the player spins the reel, it is entirely up to luck.

The Game Design

The game structure is the primary and biggest difference between the Pachinko and slot machines. The structure and how they are designed are entirely distinct. Not to mention, the gameplay of Pachinko is similar to pinball. Slots have a simple stage that would have players spinning the reels. On the other hand, the Pachinko game happens in multiple stages. Players have a component that comes just before the slot side of the game.

In the Pachinko game, there is an element of transparency in the results. Slots do not have this component. Players can see how many spins were made on the machine over time. They are also able to see how many spins were converted to wins. This is important because it can help gamblers decide what machine to use. Slots players are not privileged to access this kind of information.


The prizes won in Pachinko games are much smaller compared to slots. You stand to win much bigger prizes with slot games when you spin the reel. Unfortunately, Pachinko does not offer cash prizes. Players can claim prizes such as cell phones, groceries, cosmetics, etc. But, these prizes can be exchanged for real money. However, this exchange cannot be done in the same venue due to the anti-gambling laws. However, the locations for the exchange are usually nearby.

On the other hand, gamblers can even win a jackpot on some slot games. If it’s your lucky day, you can be smiling to the bank. Players who take gambling beyond entertainment always prefer playing slots to create a credible and robust bankroll.

Online Availability

Slots games are easily found online. That is one of the reasons they have become so popular. Players do not necessarily have to go out of their homes. On the other hand, the Japanese slot machine needs some equipment and setup to get played. The physical component of the games can’t easily be replicated online. Although there are ways to enjoy this game online, players do not consider it the same. Slots, on the other hand, are online-friendly. Online or physical, the reels spin the same way.


Pachinko slot is a great game that Japanese players can resort to before gambling regulations become flexible. Although it shares some similarities with slots and pinball, it is quite a different game. The online availability, game friendliness, payout, gameplay, and more completely differentiate the Pachinko from the popular slot machines.

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