Xbox Series X – “Smart Delivery” Is a Super-Hit Feature

Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox series X has brought about amazing features for those who are not ready to upgrade at the moment. Smart delivery technology basically delivers the best version of games that one purchase for consoles regardless of its generation. If a gamer purchases a Smart Delivery game from his Xbox series One and later upgrades to Xbox series X|S, he would automatically receive an optimized version of the game for Xbox Series X|S without additional charges. For using Smart Delivery, one would require the new Xbox Series X or S console where the game must be compatible. This feature comes as a breather when sites such as, have been showcasing some of the best casinos and sportsbook options with vouchers and promo codes.

Compatibility of Games

Microsoft mentioned that it aims at using Smart Delivery for all Xbox Game Studio titles for the Xbox Series S and X, inclusive of Halo Infinite. The company also said that this feature would automatically provide gamers with the Series S or X version of these titles which could be downloaded to the new console without incurring extra charges. The Xbox Smart Delivery feature also works with Xbox Game Pass games such as Gears 5. A game pass is a monthly $10 subscription that allows access to a wide range of games. Microsoft often releases sales and specials on this subscription model as well. Popular smart delivery games include Bright Memory 1.0, Maneater, Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassins Creed Valhalla, Chorus, DIRT 5, Dead by Daylight, and many more. With the latest trending crypto technologies flooding the gaming markets, the possibilities around more advanced features look very positive.

Save Data With Xbox Smart Delivery

Gamers wondering whether data saving is carried over through the Xbox Smart Delivery have nothing to worry about. Microsoft has recently confirmed that the save data option will be available and compatible across both devices: Xbox One and Xbox Series X. This means that one can continue playing the last-generation games on the latest hardware. This option also allows gamers to jump back and forth between consoles across different rooms. No progress will be lost either since Microsoft ensures compatibility across all devices. If a gamer decides to purchase an Xbox One today, all his games’ progression will jump to the next generation with the Series X.

When Should You Buy Xbox Games?

Smart Delivery definitely brings around questions regarding when to buy the best Xbox games coming out. There is no reason to wait and buy Xbox One games as per their current gen-iterations since it allows them to play the Xbox Series X version irrespective of an upgrade. However, a slight concern would lie when replaying massive games on next-generation consoles like Cyberpunk 2077. If a gamer aims at playing a game only once, then he must wait for the graphically super, beefed-up version on the Xbox Series X.

Summing Up

The Xbox X|S series has sold around 19.67 million units till 2022 whereas the Xbox One sold around 16.78 million units. Gaming consoles made over $60.8 billion in 2022. As per statistics, there will be over 3 billion video gamers by the end of 2023. The revenue generated by the gaming industry in 2020 was $179.7 billion. The Xbox Live had over 90 million monthly users as per 2020 data. The revenue for Xbox One went up by 65% by the end of 2020. The launch of the Xbox series X saw a rise of 51% in the total revenue generated in 2021.

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