Top VR Gaming Hardware Systems: Affordable and Functional

Virtual Reality runs on the fingertips of all ages in this era. When modernisation and the thrill of gaming technology gets coupled up, what could possibly a more enjoyable choice than VR. The popularity of VR is well revealed in the current 2022 stats, which shows a revenue amounting to $11.97 billion US dollars. Huge techies are aiming to generate over $15.81 billion U.S dollars by the end of 2023. While VR reigns the digital market, there has always been a question of affordability and functionality of the VR systems. Though popular websites such as has been consistently upselling the combination of VR with features such as Loot Boxes, which seems to be next big thing in the gambling and gaming markets. Also, the adoption of VR across multiple top-tier casinos and live poker rooms is proof enough that players are showing a keen interest in this emerging technology.

Hardware for VR systems

A regular VR user must have a well adept knowledge of the VR systems. The basic pre-requisit is a microcomputer or workstation. They avail the highest speed with smooth experience. The other important parts include the sensory components. The basic visual element includes the computer display unit. Switching to the Head-mounted display gives a 3D experience, both visual and audio. Other requirements include the processor cards such as the 3D graphic cards, 3D sound cards, compressor accelerator cards, vector accelerator cards, etc. Users must include the tracking system to act as the tracking guide for the position and orientation of the user.

Affordable and functional Hardware

VR surely allows escapade to the user in the most astonishing ways. Surely, the user requires a guide to choose the best of affordable and functional devices to get to the place for thrilling experiences. Here is a list of the latest functional, and affordable VR gear.

  • Google Cardboard– It is identified as a boon for smartphones, since it pairs up with almost all androids. Secondly, it is quite cheap and comes at handy costs, and the biggest advantage is that it is wireless and highly portable. Basically, it uses the user’s phone gyroscope to yield a 360-degree rotation.
  • Gear VR– Users rate this as one of the best choices in the Oculus ecosystem. It pairs up with androids, and follows the same design as the Oculus Rift PC solution. In short, this gadget promises a highly superior tracking system.
  • Vive– This unique wireless HTC Vive, powered by Valve takes into consideration a wide range of gadgets to pair up with such as gamepads, mouse, keyboards, joysticks, etc. Users also get to walk within 4m x 4m radius and still use the device.
  • Google Daydream-Just as the name suggests, Google Daydream is composed of fabric-like material, and includes a bundle with ‘Wii-like motion controller’. It makes use of highly superior optics, and is quite budget-friendly.
  • Sony PSVR– Sony boasts of being the sole video game console with VR HM. They ensure easy and quick installation in comparison to any available PC based VR gear. It also avails quite simple tracking system for the users.
  • Oculus Rift– Daily users suggest this cool gadget as bringing in the VR Renaissance. It involves the setup of the P with external cameras. This enables both the rotational tracking and the positional tracking. Moreover, users can also walk within the radius of 3m x 3m.


For a fresh user, knowing the affordable user-friendly gadgets is highly important, lest they should be duped by money-mongering shopkeepers. Besides checking out the functionality of the gadgets itself, users must note some of the facets such as the device they are to be paired up with, supporting head gear, etc.

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