Red Tiger Launches New Timed Jackpot Games in Michigan

Red Tiger, an online slots supplier, announced the introduction of its unique progressive jackpot games in Michigan, with four operators set to go live in the coming weeks.

Red Tiger is the only game provider in the United States that offers timed jackpots. This one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge progressive jackpot system for online slots games enables operators to set up progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to be reached before a specific period.

After launching in Connecticut, Ontario, and Quebec, gamers in Michigan will now have access to 48 Red Tiger online slots games with huge jackpots.

Each of these games has two progressive jackpots that the operator may set — a basic Mini Jackpot that most operators set at $100 and a Daily Jackpot that is commonly set at $1,000. The Daily Jackpot is set to hit before a specific time each day. Many operators chose a period between 9:00pm and 11:00pm during peak hours. As the clock ticks down and the jackpot amount continues to rise, players’ enthusiasm grows.

Red Tiger jackpots, which have been tested with gaming operators across Europe, offer a significant amount of excitement to online slot play. Timed jackpots are available with every Red Tiger slot, subject to regulatory permission, and include jackpot meter widgets that operators may post on their websites and mobile apps.

Jeff Millar, Chief Commercial Officer North America at Evolution said:

“We’re very excited to be launching jackpot games in Michigan today. Our unique timed jackpot mechanic will create a sense of excitement amongst players, a thrill that can only come from this countdown effect. We are constantly looking to build on our partnerships and strengthen our relationships with North American operators, and we look forward to launching Red Tiger jackpots in all approved jurisdictions across North America.”

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