Videoslots Hits 9,000 Games Milestone

With the launching of its 9,000th game, Videoslots has confirmed its status as the premier online casino.

The addition of Mammoth Gold Megaways by long-time partner Pragmatic Play to Videoslots’ already extensive portfolio allows it to offer clients the industry’s broadest variety of games from some of the industry’s greatest names.

Videoslots announced the release of its 8,000th title in August 2022, implying that it only took five months to produce 1,000 more games.

The vast selection and diversity put many of Videoslots’ competitors to shame, ensuring that it retains the title of world’s largest online casino.

Key agreements and relationships with some of the industry’s finest companies have opened up an exciting new route for Videoslots, with 10,000 games firmly in its sights.

Head of Casino at Videoslots, Henrik Enesund, said:

“Reaching 9,000 games is a big milestone for us, and it shows the continuous hard work that everyone at Videoslots is putting in. It is fitting that the 9,000th game launch is from Pragmatic Play, with whom we have a longstanding partnership.

“However, we will not stop at 9,000 and we will continue to add more games to our ever-expanding library of slots, table games, scratch cards and more.”

A Pragmatic Play representative said:

“We’d like to extend our warmest congratulations to Videoslots for hitting such an impressive milestone. 9,000 games is a fantastic achievement, and we’re delighted that many of our top performing titles are included in its library of slots, with Mammoth Gold Megaways™ being the landmark hit.

“We’ve collaborated for a long time and look forward to providing even more player-favourite slots to Videoslots for the years to come!”

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