Top 10 Biggest Slot Wins

Becoming rich is almost everyone’s dream, and to achieve such a dream, some may work at several jobs, and others may wait until a stroke of luck hits them and brings them a significant sum of money overnight. There could be many ways to win such a significant sum, such as:

  • Winning the lottery;
  • A prize bond;
  • Cracking a jackpot slot machine.

The unbelievable thing for the big prize winners is that it comes to them at any time during a spin of reels, and even it could be at an unexpected time. Previously people used to rely on land-based casinos with real money, but now the players have majorly moved to online platforms like to play for real. Below, we have covered ten of the biggest slot wins to recap who the people are and how they won!

2013 Win at Las Vegas

It was in 2013 that a guy at Las Vegas Rampart Casino hit a jackpot prize worth $14.3 Million from the Megabucks slot machine. The winner’s identity needs to be confirmed, and it may be because the winner preferred to remain anonymous. However, we are sure that this person won such a big prize with just a betting amount of $20.

Women Also Win

Another fantastic win was $17.3 Million at M Resort Spa Casino in Henderson, and it was hit by a woman who belonged to Las Vegas. This jackpot was hit using the free credits, which means it was a win-win situation out of free credits. This jackpot was also hit for the Megabucks slots. Well, such a win is a perfect example of how the players need to rely on their luck, and they can win millions for spending zero credit.

Pounds of Wins

Again 2013, a British soldier, Jon Hayward, tried his luck at the online site Betway casino. He opted to play Mega Moolah online and converted his 0.025 stakes into a 13.2 Million EUR reward. This prize was equivalent to $20.8 million in 2013 and is a massive win!

Elmer Sherwin bagged $21.1 Million

Elmer Sherwin is the luckiest player who has made history in gaming two times. First, in 1989 he won $4.6 million at Mirage Hotel & Casino, and again in 2005, his luck won him a $21.1 million jackpot from Megabucks slot machine. The second time he chose Cannery Casino & Hotel to spin the reels and reveal his luck.

Megabucks is the Luckiest Game

Megabucks has proved to be the luckiest game for many players, including a 49-year-old businessman in 1999 who belonged to Illinois. He won a prize worth $21.3 million at Megabucks in one of the most famous gambling points, Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Johanna Heundi’s $22.6 Million Win

Again the Megabucks slot brought a massive win for a 74-year-old woman in 2002 who deposited for a game at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. She spent a total of $170 on her bets and won a grand reward of $22.6 Million!

NetEnt Slot Win

Another anonymous user, but this time from Finland, won a reward worth 17.8 million EUR via the online betting platform Such a massive win was made in 2013 from the Mega Fortune video slot, and this win worth $23 million was made only for 25 cents!

Megabucks for Retiree

In 1998, Palace Station Casino witnessed the biggest win worth $27.6 Million for the Megabuck game. The retiree came to the casino with a budget of $100. She couldn’t resist the urge to play until she spent $300 and hit the jackpot. The unplanned and out-of-budget spending on a slot that won her $27.6 million was a stroke of luck.

$35 Million Worth Winning in 2000

Cynthia Jay Brennan tried her luck at Desert Inn in Las Vegas in 2000 and was lucky to hit a $35 Million prize. Again, Megabucks is the game that proved lucky for her and changed her life forever!

Biggest Win Ever

Ethan Miller, an engineer from Los Angeles, won the most significant win on the Megabucks slot machine. He opted to play at Las Vegas Excalibur Casino, spent only $100, and bagged a massive win worth $39.7 Million.

Concluding Thoughts

As events from history suggest, the winnings come with a stroke of luck. So, apart from preparing yourself, such as allocating a budget and selecting a game and place to play, it is best to believe your luck will be good this time. So, every time play with determination, and if you haven’t hit the jackpot, leave with an optimistic mind to come back next time and try your luck again!

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