BETBY Opens New International Office in Montenegro

BETBY, a sports betting pioneer, has expanded its activities by opening an office in Montenegro.

The facility is in the city of Budva, and approximately 15 members of the team from various departments will relocate to the core of the Old Town on the Adriatic.

Furthermore, the area has the ability to expand capacity and serve as a base for worldwide staff wishing to migrate over the summer. The facility will expand as the firm continues to promote employee wellbeing and encourage hybrid working.

Following Latvia and Malta, it is the third BETBY office to be established outside of the United States or the United Kingdom. This exemplifies the company’s quick growth. By 2022, the number of employees will nearly quadruple to more than 80, and the firm will continue to thrive.

Chief Executive Officer at BETBY, Leonid Pertsovskiy, said:

“We’re delighted to be opening our brand new office in Montenegro. In a gorgeous part of the country, it resonates with our ethos of creating work environments that our employees are proud of, and we’re confident it will add to what is set to be a fantastic 2023 for us.

“With it being a full-time office, as well as a space for staff to treat it as a ‘getaway’ destination, we can’t wait to fully utilise the benefits of our latest location, and look forward to growing further over the course of the year.”

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