Legal Casino Resorts in Thailand Come Closer to Becoming Reality

Thailand’s House of Representatives has accepted a report proposing the establishment of casino-integrated resorts in a number of areas around the nation. The approval is a step toward more in-depth debates regarding legalizing casinos among members of Parliament, pushed by recent polls indicating widespread public support in Thailand.

According to the Bangkok Post, the thorough report created by a special House committee last year was the topic of a lengthy debate on Thursday, which ended with the report being approved by 310 votes to nine. Nonetheless, the report’s acceptance does not immediately allow casino gambling.

The vote results, along with any representatives’ remarks, will now be passed to the government for further consideration and a more detailed review of the economic potential deriving from this opportunity.

House committee member Pakornwut Udompipatsakul of the Move Forward Party commented:

“A decision on the casino-entertainment complex project is expected to be taken by the next administration. It won’t happen in two or three years, and public hearings and perhaps a referendum among residents are required.”

A final decision is not expected anytime soon, but a study conducted among Thai residents last year revealed a strong desire for gambling-friendly resorts in the nation, which might significantly accelerate the government’s actions.

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