Greentube Launches State-of-the-art Tech Greentube Mynt

Greentube, the NOVOMATIC Digital Gaming and Entertainment subsidiary, has launched Greentube Mynt, a breakthrough new technological stack for making and distributing games, ushering in a new chapter in the future of igaming.

Greentube Mynt is made up of numerous modules, the core of which is a cutting-edge Remote Gaming Server (RGS). It serves as the cornerstone for a comprehensive games entertainment solution that gives operators with a next-generation player engagement and retention tool.

The Games Development Kit – now Greentube Mynt Create – has been overhauled from the bottom up to allow Greentube’s roster of more than 18 game studio partners to generate even better games content in less time. Any new or current partners will have access to Greentube’s extensive network of B2B clients as well as their own B2C brands.

The platform was also created with a variety of next-level engagement opportunities in mind. Player retention features are offered as pre-installed in-game widgets with overlay capabilities, reducing the amount of work required by operators, while Greentube Mynt’s full-fledged back-end allows for easy pre-configuration of end-player promotional campaigns and campaign tracking.

Greentube Mynt has various jackpots, both scheduled and random, and a complete Free Spins feature from the start. Prize Drops and Tournaments are the next community elements to be added to the platform, and near-future possibilities include a number of white-label choices.

A cutting-edge microservices platform provides a safe, dependable, durable, and scalable architecture, as well as carefully built tool support, for the new tech stack.

Greentube expects to make additional gains into regulated markets throughout the world with the debut of the new platform, which provides a genuine breakthrough in technology and gamification.

Michael Bauer, CGO and CFO at Greentube, said:

“We are thrilled to be able to announce the launch of Greentube Mynt, a technology stack that will be a true game-changer for operators around the world. In providing a faster-than-ever route to market for our games studios, while offering partners a wide range of advanced gamification tools, Mynt has been carefully created to maximise revenues.

“This is only the start for the platform and we will be constantly improving it with fresh features that will further enhance the offering and improve returns for all stakeholders. We are working closely with our partners to offer the platform’s best-of-class services to as many of them as soon as it is possible.”

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