NeoGames Acquires WLA Responsible Gaming Certification

NeoGames S.A., a technology-driven supplier of end-to-end iLottery solutions, has received World Lottery Association (“WLA”) Responsible Gaming accreditation. This worldwide accreditation verifies NeoGames’ complete compliance with the World Lottery Association’s responsible gaming criteria for lottery providers.

To reduce the impact of problem gaming, the WLA responsible gaming (“RG”) standards framework was developed. Recognizing the growing importance of responsible gaming in lottery supplier operations, the WLA developed an RG standard tailored to the unique needs of WLA members.

An independent auditor evaluated NeoGames’ iLottery operations, which were found to comply with WLA standards in areas such as research, employee programs, product and service development, remote gaming environments, advertising and marketing communications, client awareness, stakeholder engagement, and reporting. In every way, NeoGames’ platforms fulfill the RG requirements.

NeoGames CEO, Moti Malul, said:

“We are proud to have qualified for Responsible Gaming certification by the WLA, recognizing its importance to our customers and the demand for alignment with industry standards. Responsible gaming is deeply rooted in every facet of NeoGames’ operations, from our products to our services and our employees, this certification confirms our continued commitment to being a responsible iLottery supplier.” 

Senior Manager at World Lottery Association CSR, Mélissa Azam, added:

“The WLA is pleased to officially recognize NeoGames’ adherence to WLA Responsible Gaming Guidelines for suppliers, highlighting their corporate social responsibility practices and attesting that player protection is a core aspect of their operations.” 

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