Macau Casino Industry Sees 50% Drop in Gross Revenues in 2022

Macau’s full-year 2022 casino revenue has dropped by 51.4% year-on-year. Sales at the popular casino destination have declined over the past year largely due to travel and other restrictions imposed by governments amid persistently high Covid case numbers throughout the year.

The region dropped its “zero Covid” policy in December 2020 to allow visitors from mainland China and other countries, but the duration was too short to have a significant impact on revenue for the full year 2022.

The city’s casino regulator, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), released revenue figures for 2022 on Sunday. Gross gaming revenue in Macau will be 42.2 billion patacas (US$5.26 billion) in 2022, down 51 percent from 86.86 billion patacas (US$10.83 billion) in 2021, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau said.

Sales in the last month of 2022 were 3.48 billion patacas (0.43 million U.S. dollars). However, December generated 16.1% more revenue than November, pushing up the annual GGR to the final figure.

Major franchisees bring in $5.26 billion in revenue by the end of 2022. For an unpredictable 2022, the forecast was 51% lower than expected, but still 9% higher than expected. Casino operators such as Sands China have rewarded all employees for their year-round efforts, leading to Christmas bonuses for all employees, which are expected to have a major impact on the company’s outlook.

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