Shachar “OctopuSZ” Zvang of Israel Wins the Match Poker Online World Cup

Match Poker Online’s first World Cup has brought some fierce international competition to the online poker tables over the previous three weeks. The series gathered together hundreds of the top mobile gaming players from across the world for a showdown.

Users qualified by playing on the app during the year and were divided into two groups. The event’s premier category, “Ruby,” included the best players in the game. The “Ivory” category featured the game’s second tier as well as some exceptional players wagering and bluffing for bragging rights and monetary awards. When the dust cleared, Israel’s Shachar “OctopuSZ” Zvang found himself in the winner’s circle and pocketed $625. He was also given a digital gift card.

The Ruby and Ivory events drew a total of 632 participants. Following two weekends of Playoffs, the field was reduced to 36 finalists in each category for the Finals, which were held on December 17-18.

How Does Online Match Poker Work?

Match Poker Online provides a genuinely unique experience for those new to the game. The software accurately assesses a player’s position by having competitors play the identical hands throughout the platform. Players can improve their skills by comparing their own play and decisions to those of others who have played the same hand.

The software is jam-packed with features, statistics, stunning visuals, and action-packed gameplay. You may even compete against your pals in a fantasy sports-style tournament. There is no need to argue or dispute which players are superior based on supposition and scant facts. All of the information is available to players at Match Poker.

When you play, you are competing not only against the people at your table, but also against those seated at other tables in the same seat as you. Everyone in that seat receives the same two “hole” cards and watches the same flop, turn, and river. It’s a fresh take on standard poker. More statistics possibilities and gaming enhancements are planned for 2023.

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