Macau Casino Workers Subjected to Tighter Covid Testing Again

While countries around the world have loosened restrictions and other measures, Macau is tightening its Covid-19 testing protocols. The Macau government stated on Tuesday that the gap between nucleic acid tests for front-line casino employees will be cut in half to every two days, from every four days. The upgrade was the second in less than a fortnight, and the third since the autumn.

According to the city’s health officials, table game dealers, as well as security and cleaning employees operating inside any casino, are now obliged to do a nucleic acid test every two days to prove their Covid-19 ‘negative’ status. Every two days, these personnel must additionally perform a quick antigen test, which is commonly performed at home.

Workers must disclose ‘negative’ test results to authorities so that they appear on the individual’s Macau-issued electronic health code.

A previous recommendation issued by health officials on November 25 required frontline casino personnel to do a nucleic acid test and a fast antigen test every four days. Previously, for roughly a month, casino employees were only needed to perform a nucleic acid test every seven days.

Economic instability to the casino industry in Macau caused by Covid-19 outbreaks is expected to continue until the end of the year. In that light it is understandable that businesses would do what is within their reach to prevent for more hardships to operations.

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