Real Dealer Launches Fast-Paced, Multiplier Roulette

Real Dealer Studios, a developer of cinematic RNG casino games, has released a blazing hot roulette version that blends shorter game rounds with random multipliers capable of delivering large winnings.

Turbo Multifire Roulette, developed utilizing Real Dealer’s trademark strategy of merging Hollywood-quality video with cutting-edge software, takes the basic European roulette format and amps it up by adding random extra multipliers to each game round.

Following the placement of bets, one to five scorching bonus numbers emerge, each with a random multiplier ranging from 50x to 500x. If the player places a straight-up wager on one of the bonus numbers and it wins, the win multiplier is awarded.

Real Dealer reduced the structure of the rounds to make them significantly shorter in order to increase the game’s thrill element. The ensuing ‘turbo’ pace complements the title’s fiery mood, which features flames and sparks against a mysterious, dark backdrop.

Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, said:

“The prospect of hitting those 500x multiplier wins, and the sheer excitement that comes along with it, is already enough to attract a huge portion of roulette fans to this game.

“At the same time, Turbo Multifire Roulette caters to players who prefer a quicker tempo, with or without the bonus numbers. Put all that together with the game’s incredible visuals, and you can see why we’re expecting this game to set casino lobbies on fire in the coming weeks.”

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