VBET Named Best Online Casino Operator of the Year at SiGMA 2022

At the renowned SiGMA Europe Awards 2022, VBET was named Best Online Casino Operator of the Year.

Furthermore, at the expo, VBET launched the VBET Affiliate program and VBET Franchise options, both of which have generated a lot of interest. Both novel ideas will assist established organizations as well as newcomers to the gaming sector in avoiding current hazards and strengthening their positions in the industry.

VBET recruited potential partners, extended its operational map, and introduced innovative gaming solutions, such as the new BetBuilder function, which was unveiled in front of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The new function allows customers to combine appealing betting markets from the same game to boost their chances of winning.

Arman Khachatryan, CEO of VBET, said:

“The VBET team is working around the clock on behalf of our clients and members to provide the best offers, solutions and features across the global industry. We feel proud to be recognised for the work we are doing among such intense competition,”

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