GGPoker Launches Bet & Go Tournaments in Time for World Cup

With only a few days till the start of the World Cup in Qatar, GGPoker has launched a new tournament type – Bet & Go – that will bring the excitement of rooting for your favorite sports teams to the digital felt.

Each Bet & Go tournament is timed to coincide with an impending athletic event, such as a football game or a tennis match. Each tournament will have two buy-in choices, one for each opponent in the next event, with each buy-in discounted by each opponent’s probability of winning. For example, those who support the favorites will receive lower discounts on their buy-in than players who back the underdogs.

Another interesting Bet & Go feature is that once the athletic event concludes, all surviving participants who enrolled in favor of the losing side are instantly eliminated from the poker tournament! Fortunately, all players who have been eliminated at this point can opt to rebuy at a non-discounted buy-in.

The inaugural Bet & Go event will take place on Sunday, November 20, in conjunction with the World Cup opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, with more tournaments planned for each football match in the coming days and weeks.

Daniel Negreanu, GGPoker Global Ambassador, said:

“With Bet & Go tournaments, GGPoker players can support their favorite teams or simply take advantage of the biggest discounts and cheer for the underdogs. Watch your team win the event and you’ll be free to continue to play your way into the money; it could be win-win for you!”

New GGPoker players are eligible to claim the poker room’s Welcome Bonus and take part in many other promotions.

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