Fasttoken (FTN) as Primary Payment Method for BetConstruct

BetConstruct, a leading iGaming and betting software company, will accept FTN for all sorts of payments beginning February 1, 2023.

FTN will be used to settle all business transactions between present and prospective BetConstruct partners. When employing FTN with BetConstruct, the partner network will receive additional benefits.

More than 20% of BetConstruct partner operators have already acquired FTN during the special partners’ offer. FTN has been added to the list of supported cryptocurrencies by over 40 BetConstruct partners.

With Web 3.0 being the wave of the future in business and payments, we believe that this initiative represents an excellent opportunity for BetConstruct and its partners to stay ahead of the curve and provide the industry with what is relevant and necessary for building a successful business.


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