“New Irish Gambling Regulation Bill Important Milestone for Industry” – Flutter Chairman

In a press release on Tuesday, the Chairman of Flutter UK and Ireland, Ian Proctor, welcomed the newly passed Irish Regulation Bill and called it a “critical milestone” in a “dynamic and fast-changing industry”.

As part of the Gambling Regulation Bill, which has been passed by the Government, gambling advertising will be forbidden between 5.30 am and 9 pm and aimed at protecting problem gamblers and children.

The new Gambling Regulator Authority is expected to be constituted and operating by next year and will be enforcing new advertising and sponsorship standards across all media, as well as alter gambling sector licensing legislation.

The new legislation will restrict credit card betting, the placement of ATMs in certain regions, and control other areas vulnerable to enabling problematic gambling behavior.

“We look forward to assessing the detailed terms of the Bill when published, and working constructively with the new Authority to put in place effective measures,” Proctor said, adding that they “should protect those that may be vulnerable to experiencing harm, while allowing the vast majority of our customers who enjoy gambling safely to do so.”

The Flutter Chairman concluded:

“Flutter fully recognises that the industry has not always got it right in the past. However, our business has made significant strides in recent years in our safer gambling approach. For example, Flutter has initiated and driven a race to the top with the introduction of several proactive measures, such as our ban on the use of credit cards, mandatory deposit limits for under 25s, and a €10 stake limit on slot products. We will continue to lead from the front in this area.”

Flutter has worked on its safer gambling strategy and approach in the UK and Ireland over the last 9 months, including the incorporation of safer gambling KPIs into business objectives. The five key elements of Flutter’s Safer Gambling Strategy are as follows:

  • Discover – Proactively increase the industry’s awareness of the harm caused by gaming.
  • Educate – Increase all customers’ and colleagues’ knowledge of the dangers of gambling.
  • Empower – Provide every consumer with the tools and knowledge they need to operate our goods securely.
  • Understand – Recognize anybody displaying higher-risk behaviors early in their risk journey.
  • Support – Interact with more customers and provide the appropriate amount of assistance to each.

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