Harmony by Fastex 3.0 Taking Place on November 29-30.

On November 29-30, BetConstruct will organize a large event at its offices in Yerevan, Armenia, with Fastex as the center and highlight.

Harmony by Fastex 3.0 will take place immediately following SiGMA for all BetConstruct existing and potential partners, operators, and third-party integrations. The partner-sale stage of FTN, the native token of the Fastex Chain blockchain system, will receive a lot of attention at the event.

The two-day event will include networking, parties, activities, and meals, as well as plenty of business discussion about the future. Furthermore, because the FTN presale has not yet completed, there will be a closed private sale during the event.

Furthermore, given the huge level of interest in the event, the event will be open to both existing BetConstruct partners and non-partners.

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