Gamzix Releases New Crypto Crash Game, Pilot Coin

Gamzix, a fresh iGaming software development firm, has released Pilot Coin, a new Crash Game. This time, the provider decided to surprise its customers by introducing a fresh narrative to their favorite game crash game. Because the the cryptoworld is developing and increasing, the major concept was to combine two popular items into one entertaining tale.

A Crash Game is always a delicate balance of stress and relaxation. The rules are straightforward, but predicting the outcome is difficult. With each play, the game experience becomes more interesting. A fresh design concept and popular features make each attempt seem like the first.

  • RT – 96,5%
  • The file size is merely 3.8 Mb.
  • Individual casino skins can be changed.
  • Support for 22 localizations, as well as support for all currencies (Fiat & Crypto)

Oleg Galushko, CPO at Gamzix, said:

“Making reskins of the favorite player’s game is a big responsibility. The only thing you can surprise them with is a new design choice. So the main topic has to be relevant and different. This is how Pilot has become a Pilot Coin ”.

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