Captivating Video from Slotegrator Academy Highlights New Platform Features

Slotegrator’s new platform includes innovative modules that help operators succeed in the gaming industry. The new Slotegrator Academy videos showcase all the features and innovations of the platform in a quick, easy-to-understand format.

This year, online casino software provider Slotegrator has released a new version of its turnkey platform, and now the company has released a colorful and engaging video to introduce operators to the features of the platform that enable online casino platforms to grow their business, turn their Take it to the next level.

This video explains the functionality of the platform in a clear, understandable and engaging format. It takes a closer look at the platform’s interface and how the payment module helps operators make deposits and withdrawals easy. It also discusses how the business intelligence module can give operators access to critical data over any period of time to help them make informed decisions about business direction. The video also covers how the Rewards module helps retain players, the game integration process, and user verification.

The video concludes with an introduction to the main function of the platform – the Casino Builder module. Using a simple system of tools and units, you can create a casino website front end from scratch according to the goals and objectives of your project. A set of ready-made presets allows operators to select a front-end template with just a few clicks and run their business without any difficulty. Operators also have full control over the look and feel of their website without having to contact the developers and try to convey their ideas.

To learn more about the Slotegrator platform, watch the videos on the Slotegrator Academy YouTube channel and see for yourself. Enjoy!

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