Rise of Olympus 100 Sees Play’n GO Return to the Domain of the Gods

Play’n GO presents the Greek pantheon in Rise of Olympus 100 with help from three gods.

A sequel to 2018 Play’n GO release Rise of Olympus is Rise of Olympus 100. This game is a dynamic grid slot.

The first game in the series ended when Zeus, Poseidon and Hades defeated their evil father Cronus. The story then picks up where this game left off with the three brothers ruling together.

Both games feature a similar reel structure. However, the second installment ups the ante by 100. Free Spins kick off once players land three Scatter Symbols. This is where Rise of Olympus 100 shines thanks to its impressive bonus features. The Multiplier grants the potential of up to 100 Free Spins; additionally, it increases the power charge rate by up to x100.

The Hand of God remains the same with users choosing between the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. The outcome of players’ decisions greatly affect the potential reward.

In addition to daily prizes, the game features a Clear the Grid prize that grants the player an x50 Multiplier and netting them instant rewards.

The game’s art is extraordinary; it outclasses the first game’s artwork by a long shot. Greek mythology serves as the game’s creative inspiration and lyrical prowess: the result is a visual treat that fans can’t miss.

The 2018 movie Rise of Olympus is a well-liked favorite. We can’t understand why Rise of Olympus 100 won’t be the same.

“Rise of Olympus is such a huge hit for us,” Head of Games at Play’n GO, Charlotte Miliziano said. “When it launched the game did well immediately, but it has really come into its own over the past couple of years and is now a classic,” Miliziano continued.

“It made sense for us to revisit this world again in Rise of Olympus 100. There is so much more of the story left to tell, and we really decided to build upon the innovative, decision-based features from the first game. This title really lives up to its namesake.”

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