What is Slingo – and will it become more popular than Bingo?

It used to be the case that there were bingo players and there were slot machine fans, with little or no crossover between the two. But gradually the internet started hosting online casinos, complete with hundreds of slots that could be accessed from just about anywhere. And at the same time bingo halls started being replaced with online games.

Now there was no need to go out and brave the elements. It became possible to play online bingo and online slot games at home, during lunch breaks – even during the daily commute for some players. And then someone had the bright idea of combining slots and bingo, and hey presto – Slingo came into being!

What is Slingo?

Slingo was created back in 1994, when Sal Falciglia Sr woke up from a dream and ran to note his idea down on paper. By adapting an old cabinet-based slot machine, he came up with his unique gaming concept of merging 75-ball bingo with a reel-spinning feature. He added in a few extra symbols to add some additional entertainment value, and for the next few years the game had a modest amount of success.

But it was when the internet developed and IGT got involved that things really took off for Slingo. The idea was initially trialed as a bonus game in the three-reel Wheel of Fortune slot. It quickly proved to be so popular that it was launched as a game in its own right. And since then, more variants have come into being as the idea has grown and spread around the world

How do you play Slingo?

There are strong elements from both bingo and slots that are apparent from the moment you launch your first Slingo game, although it’s impossible to say which is dominant. There are dozens of variants, but they all tend to follow the same basic pattern.

Games are usually played out on a 5×5 grid, making them look similar to a slot. But although they look like reels, the columns in the grid are filled with numbers, so it’s more like a bingo card. To the right of the grid is a hopper filled with bingo balls, which ‘spin’ up onto a horizontal reel set below the playing grid.

Complete lines to win prizes

As balls spin onto the horizontal reel, they mark off any numbers that appear above them. Complete rows vertically, horizontally or diagonally to score a ‘Slingo’ and win a prize. The more Slingo lines you complete, the higher your winnings can climb.

Once all the balls have been played for your game, you usually have the option to purchase more for the price shown on your screen. This can be a useful way of filling up your grid with more Slingo wins – or it could end up costing you more than the potential prize payout!

Extra symbols add to the fun

There are some additional symbols that add more of an interactive element to the gameplay too. They can vary according to the version of Slingo you’re playing, but these are the main ones you’ll come across:

  • Joker: Allows you to mark off your choice of number in that column
  • Super Joker: Allows you to mark off your choice of number anywhere in the grid
  • FS: One free spin
  • Coin: Instant cash prize
  • Devil: Blocks any number from being crossed off in that column

Who can play Slingo?

The big attraction about Slingo is that it’s so appealing for all sorts of players. Slots fans think of it as an online slot with a bit of a bingo twist. Meanwhile, bingo fans consider it to be a bingo game with a touch of online slots thrown in! The game satisfies both groups of players, while adding in something extra that keeps everyone coming back for more.

Making the most of your Slingo-playing opportunities

One of the best ways of trying out new Slingo games is to make full use of bonuses. Most slots sites and bingo sites offer a welcome bonus or special promotional offer – you just need to be aware that some of them come with very high wagering requirements.

The interactive element of Slingo games means it’s possible to generate some decent returns, but that’s unlikely to happen if you have to play your winnings through multiple times before they become withdrawable. It’s preferable to keep a lookout for slot and bingo sites with no wagering requirements, so you can withdraw your Slingo winnings straight away.

Slingo games to suit absolutely everyone

The great thing about Slingo games is that they’re so versatile. The mechanic can be applied to just about any theme, and it’s so popular with fans that big-name developers are queueing up to get involved! A quick search reveals that some of the current popular Slingo games include Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Starburst, Slingo Deal or No Deal – there’s even a Slingo Fluffy Favourites!

With more Slingo fans jumping on board by the day, the popularity of this innovative slots / bingo hybrid continues to grow. Many casino sites now have specific sections dedicated to Slingo games, which goes to show just how much players enjoy playing them. By combining the two games into one, Slingo could well become more popular than either of the two games that inspired it!

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