Everything You Need to Know About Online Slot Symbols

Many people are interested in playing slot machines, but there are some concerns. For example, they might be worried that they’re all rigged, and that cheating is possible.

But this is just a misconception! Slot machines are fixed because of a concept of probability, which may seem complex to understand—but it’s actually not too difficult at all.

Slot Machine Symbols: What Do They Mean?

In modern casinos like Cafe Casino, the slot machine retains its original design and classic symbols that are recognized by many. Some symbols remain the same in land-based and online casino slots, which makes it easier for players to transition between the two.

A clear understanding of symbols will make online slots even more attractive and fun to play.

Story of Fruit Symbols in Slot Machines

Machines use the simplest math in order to determine the player’s wins. In the very early stage, machine manufacturers used to offer fruit-flavored gums as a reward to avoid legal actions against gambling. This situation led to the use of fruit items in traditional slot machines.

Fruit items were found on very early slot machines – however, their design has been changed and improved not so long ago. Nowadays, online gameplays are full of different fruit and other symbols, which were invented in order to make this game as exciting and fun as possible.

Online Slot Symbols in Modern Casinos

There are two types of slot machine symbols – standard ones are related to payouts, while special ones indicate bonuses and other features. Here is the simplest explanation to help you understand the common marks in online slots:

1.     Standard Symbols

These are seen in the traditional slots, which usually pay out higher amounts if the symbols of corresponding colors are seen on both lines. The size of the prize depends upon various factors like the bet amount, the mark on the screen, and the number of matching items. Every indication in the game has a different payout rate.

The standard ones might change depending on the main theme of the slots. If you are playing an underwater-themed game, you might see standard items in the form of different fish. The common standard symbols involve:

  • Card Ranks: A, K, Q, and J
  • Card Suits: Spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs
  • Themed Symbols: Number seven, bars, diamonds, and bells

These are common in classic online games as the concept is inspired by the early original slot machines.

2.     Wilds

These activate only when your selected combination matches the wild, which can appear anywhere in the reel. These are special because they pay out both higher and even lower than the standard marks above. The wilds may be several or few; however, each reel holds only one wild at a time.

Wilds work just like the standard symbol for the slot game. Imagine you got four diamonds on the paylines, as the diamond is considered the most valuable symbol for that slot. If one wild appears on the paylines with four diamonds, you have won five diamonds.

3.     Scatters

Scatters are also known as scatter symbols or bonus symbols, but they activate randomly during gameplay to award bigger winnings. A scatter in the online gameplay will indicate a high payout or free spins, or both bonuses. The free spins may vary depending on the scatters you land.

If the scatters are programmed to offer a payout, they can appear anywhere on the screen instead of paylines. As compared to standard ones, scatters reward players with the highest payouts.

4.     Multipliers

Every player loves these symbols as they can massively increase the winning amount. Most of the time, multipliers are associated with wilds. As soon as the wild appears on the screen, it becomes the multiplier symbol. Multipliers can be either 2X or X3.

So, if you’ve got a single matched wild, a demonstration of a multiplier will occur where two or three symbols will appear respectively to multiply your winnings. For example, if you land three wilds with a multiplier and have bet $0.50 per play, then you’ll receive $0.50 x 6, which equals $3 in total winnings for one spin.

5.     Bonus Symbols

There are many types of bonus symbols, such as Double, Free Spins, and Multipliers, which will award you higher winnings once they appear on your screen. One of the great examples is the all-new Wow slot.

The maximum number of free spins will be 2X; however, all other bonuses are multipliers that can multiply your winning amount. They are also known as feature symbols in traditional slots. You might also see them on some modern slot games.

Final Words

It is important to know the basic rules and symbols of any game. New players will find it especially helpful in order to navigate through a new game without facing any difficulties.

Online slot machines have many similarities with classic slots, but modern ones come with lots of innovative features that are quite different from old machines. It depends on your decision to play classic or modern gameplays.

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