Tighter Regulations in France on Gambling Offers and Promotions

The French gaming authority, the Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), has issued new rules for the advertising of gambling products and customer incentives. They are part of the authority’s broader examination of the country’s gambling advertising regulations, which is now being carried out with the assistance of media agencies Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority (ARPP) and the Audiovisual Communication Regulator (ARCOM).

The regulator considered that an update to standards was long overdue in order to provide clarity on rewards and incentives to sports bettors.

As part of its strategy for the year, the regulator told licensed operators at the start of 2022 that it intended to change restrictions on gambling commercial offers containing financial benefits such as welcome offers, bonuses, or free bets.

The ANJ stated that there is confusion with consumers around the eligibility of promotional offers and has been contacted by many. The regulator added that “terms such as “free” or “offered” can often be used incorrectly,” and have to be better clarified by offering easy access the offers’ terms and conditions.

The ANJ anticipates that stricter monitoring of player prizes and bonuses issued by operators will commence in order to ensure that guidelines are followed in order to increase market protections and consumer standards, which are aimed to be accepted as market regulations by 2023.

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