How Slots Are Inspiring a New Wave of Live Casino Game Shows

Live casino game shows are the very latest titles to join the ever-growing online casino niche. Games like Crazy Time, XXXTreme Lightning Roulette, Monopoly Big Baller, Sweet Bonanza Candyland and Adventures Beyond Wonderland seemingly came from nowhere just a few years ago. And now, they are some of the most popular games available.

The main players in this area are Evolution, Playtech and Pragmatic Play. They have managed to get ahead of the curve and now they are seen as the go-to experts in this field. Previous experience with live casino productions meant that they already had an advantage over the competition. And now they are light years ahead of the rest. But how do live casino game shows differ from other live games?

A new gaming experience

Regular online casino games moved into the live niche in a fairly predictable way. Instead of computer imagery, we had a live video feed of a professional croupier. And in games like Roulette or Blackjack, for example, there was no need for a Random Number Generator (RNG) to control the outcome.

However, there wasn’t much setting the two varieties apart. Obviously, the live versions brought us attractive dealers and more of an authentic feel to proceedings. But it was still lacking a certain element that made the live casino experience extra special.

And then Dream Catcher came along.

Prize wheels and more

Evolution took the concept of a prize wheel that had been used many times in TV game shows over the last few decades and gave it a makeover. The most widely-remembered of all was Wheel of Fortune, which aired back in 1975.

After adding multiplier sections, the game took on a life of its own and Evolution had a hit on its hands. This soon led to Playtech jumping on the bandwagon with Spin A Win.

Before long, bonus rounds were a regular feature. And the release of Monopoly Live saw this more in-depth game format start to take shape. RNGs could now be used once again to control the random outcomes of live games.

Along with the new bonus features came a chance to immerse the players in the whole production. Augmented reality techniques meant that bonus features could be overlaid in a slot-like bonus round. And this is where things really started hotting up once again.

Live slot development

Some slots have brought us an increasing number of animated elements over the years. And with this, game producers have created a more immersive experience. While the overall outcome may still be purely down to chance, it still feels like you have more of a say in what happens; and this appeals to anyone who loves a flutter.

This concept has been drawn upon in Monopoly Slots, for example, since they first appeared. Monopoly titles take you off to an exciting bonus round where you are able to add to your stack while rolling the dice. Players move around the famous board to pick up cash and bonuses along the way.

Augmented reality

It didn’t take Evolution long to start merging these features with augmented reality. And at that point, these innovative slots quickly started to blur the lines between casino games and game shows. They took on a new dimension; quite literally.

Combining a live, big wheel or otherwise, production with animated characters that seem to interact with the host was a genius touch. And now the bonus rounds take the experience a step further and whisk you away to another place that feels like you’re right there in the thick of the action.

Slots that have made the move over from the standard format include Sweet Bonanza, Adventures Beyond Wonderland and Gonzo’s Quest—to name but a few.

Why live slot games are so popular

Apart from the obvious attraction of immersing yourself in the game show production, there are various reasons why slots in particular are so popular in this niche.

One of the main reasons is familiarity. These titles have been around for many years and slots fans simply can’t get enough of them. So it stands to reason that in the live realm, they are going to be just as big a hit with the customers as the regular titles.

Another reason is the sheer vastness of opportunities in this area. Slot games have already proved that they can appeal to customers with varying tastes. Whether they love sports, TV shows, music, movies or anything else, the slot niche can accommodate the request.

And one of the main pulls for using a slot game format is the huge winning potential. If a player doesn’t necessarily need to play a game for many hours and reach a fixed level to see a big payout, then they are going to appeal to more customers across the board.

The best live show games to play

Deciding which game is best is generally a matter of personal preference. They all offer top winning possibilities as well as a chance to enjoy the journey and experience a fun element in the process.

For some people, it is a simple decision. Many customers will only go with a slot they have previously played in a regular computer format. But for others, the choices are a little more nuanced. There may be a specific character that they enjoy, a presenter that they like to watch or a bonus round that they find more exciting than others. The only way you will ever find out is to try them and see what you think.

Best live game RTP

As far as we know, the highest RTP available is Cash or Crash from Evolution. The return to player here can reach a staggering 99.59%.

This game provides you with a prize ladder that you need to climb. And obviously, the higher up the ladder you can reach, the better the prizes. The ball machine will decide if you continue up the ladder or indeed crash and lose the money.

There are free lives and boosted payouts available as well. It’s up to you if you take the money throughout the game, take half and gamble the other half or go for broke with the next ball. It is a simple format that we’ve seen in TV game shows over the years. And it continues to be very popular in the live casino niche as well.

The future of live game shows

Virtual reality and augmented reality are certainly leading the way regarding new live gaming options. The problem with the former is the cost of the technology to get involved. However, more modest tech that uses augmented reality techniques is far more accessible and readily available for everybody. Therefore, it seems far more likely that these games will continue to push down this avenue for the time being.

Evolution, Pragmatic Play and Playtech are all continuously pushing the boundaries. It is hard to say exactly where they will go next. But we imagine they will keep the titles familiar and continue to draw in the slots crowd along the way.

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