Hacksaw Gaming Games Launch in UK with Playbook Engineering

Hacksaw Gaming has announced teaming up with Playbook Engineering, a new casino platform!

In a press release on Tuesday, Hacksaw Gaming stated that the partnership is now official, and games have begun to be handed out to UK users.

The team at Hacksaw Gaming has worked hard over the last several years to expand their footprint through their UKGC license and has had numerous successful agreements with different operators.

New users will have access to a broad choice of games, some of which are brand new, such as Dork Unit, but others which are already popular, such as Cubes, The Bowery Boys, Joker Bombs, Outlaws Inc, Stack ‘Em Scratch, and Wanted Dead or Wild.

Gabrielle Star, CCO at Hacksaw Gaming said:

“We are excited to be able to call Playbook Engineering our new partner. 2022 has been a year where we’ve pushed further to expand our regulated market presence and this deal is another leap forward in this strategy. We consecutively have an urge to create new and exciting content for our operators and keep surprising our loyal and new customers.”

Head of Casino at Playbook Engineering, Ceiron Jones, added:

“We feel euphoric to call Hacksaw Gaming our new partner! Within the last few years, they have built a notable reputation for themselves, and we can only see positive development coming from this collaboration. We hope our players will enjoy the addition of great games that Hacksaw Gaming have released with us. In conclusion, we are very optimistic that this partnership will continue to prosper in the years to come.”

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