UK’s Best Casino Bonuses

Gaming and gambling fans tend to love casinos for their variety of games, electric atmosphere, and opportunities to meet fellow gamers. Nowadays, the rise of technologies and the widespread use of the internet have boosted the popularity of online casinos.

This article will present some of the UK’s best online casino bonuses. Before doing so, a presentation of the UK’s gambling laws is necessary.

This article will also discuss in more detail the reasons behind the popularity of online casinos.

The UK’s gambling laws

Gambling has existed in the UK for centuries now. According to several sources, for several centuries the most popular and common form of gambling in the UK was horse racing.

The UK is known for being home to many gambling fans. It is the “second-largest gambling market in Europe”.

Legally, there are three types of gambling recognised by the UK. These three types are: betting, gaming and lotteries.

Gambling has never been fully banned in the UK, although some forms of gambling were “heavily controlled” in certain places. For example, gambling was very controlled in Ireland.

Only recently were legislations in Ireland changed to accommodate new changes in the gaming industry and gambling scene. Betting is now permitted in licensed venues, both physical and virtual.

Gamers can now play casino games from the comfort of their homes without having to travel. Online casinos are also convenient because they give players the opportunity to visit multiple casinos and compare the best bonus offers.

The legislation that currently oversees gambling in the UK is called the Gambling Act 2005. Compared to most countries, the UK offers “progressive and liberal” gambling jurisdictions.

The UK also uses gambling-generated revenues to give to charities through the National Lottery. There are also private companies and organizations that offer gambling services.

Overall, the UK’s gambling laws have grown more and more liberal over the years which has facilitated the growth and expansion of the gambling industry on the territory.

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The Popularity of online casinos

Before exploring the UK’s best casino bonuses, one must understand some of the reasons behind the popularity of online casinos. Why are they slowly replacing physical casinos? Why do gamers love them so much?

1. Convenient and time-efficient

As mentioned previously, one of the reasons is that it is very convenient and time efficient. Instead of having to travel to a physical casino, gamers can now visit a virtual casino from anywhere and at any time.

They can play more and spend less time looking to play. They can also stop playing whenever they want to return to their normal activities.

With physical casinos, the commute time can be very time-consuming.

2. A greater variety of games

Because the online competition is fierce and because players can easily jump from one virtual casino to the next, gambling venues are forced to offer a large range of casino games and renew their catalogue often.

Because it is less expensive and easier to offer games virtually than investing in physical machines and venues, casinos can renew their game selection without spending a fortune.

If gamers are unhappy with one casino’s gaming selection, they can easily visit another virtual casino which gives them access to almost endless gaming options.

This is one of the reasons why online casinos are so popular.

3. More bonuses, promotions and advantages

Because the competition is so fierce online, virtual casinos are forced to offer advantageous bonuses and offers to their clients. This is very beneficial to players as it gives them more opportunities to play, while spending less money.

These offers are becoming so popular that new websites allow players to compare different virtual casinos’ bonuses to select the best one. These websites can be very useful comparative tools for gamers.

On that note, what are the best casino bonuses in the UK?

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UK’s best casino bonuses

As mentioned before, casino bonuses and offers help online venues attract new players and retain old ones.

By attracting new players through advantageous offers, online casinos allow them to trial their games in the hopes of retaining them and turning them into loyal customers.

Players should take advantage of these offers and look for the best deals in order to save money. These offers also allow players to try new games (sometimes for free) and explore different casino venues.

They are a great opportunity to learn more about gaming and gambling.

Some of the best casino bonuses include:

  • Free spins
  • Free deposit bonus
  • 100% match bonus

Free spins are free rounds offered to players. They are usually offered by casinos to first-time clients.

These free spins give gamers a chance to win money. Depending on the venue, the number of free spins offered will vary.

In order to obtain them, players will usually have to sign up to an online casino and then claim their reward.

Free deposit bonus is a bonus players can obtain from depositing money into an online casino. It usually depends on the “size of your initial deposit”.

The bigger your first deposit is, the bigger the free deposit bonus will be. To obtain this deposit, gamers will have to sign up to an online casino, deposit a certain amount and then claim their bonus.

100% match bonus is a different type of deposit bonus. Instead of giving players a percentage of their deposit back, as with the free deposit bonus, this one gives 100% of the deposit back to the player.

So players will get their entire deposit back. However, each casino venue will have its own requirements when it comes to the 100% match bonus.

Some might ask players to fulfil some “gaming requirements” in order to obtain that bonus.

Final thoughts

This article discussed the UK’s gambling laws, the popularity of online casinos and some of the most popular casino bonuses. With this information, gamers can now go and find the most interesting bonuses that casinos have to offer, to enhance their gaming experience.

Players should always read a virtual casino’s requirements for obtaining bonuses before claiming any rewards.

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