Intelitics First in Industry to Use GiG’s Data Broker

Intelitics is the first iGaming user acquisition and affiliate platform to integrate data brokers from industry leader GiG. This integration will allow GiG customers to seamlessly integrate with Intelitics, giving iGaming operators real-time access to all data.

The GiG Data Broker will provide a real-time, event-driven stream of data points directly into Intelitics’ backend, eliminating the need for daily data uploads or time-consuming database queries. A robust event hub also ensures consistent data and improves an operator or affiliate program’s overall view of business performance.

Operators, partners and paid media teams now require real-time access to data to make informed decisions about marketing spend, and this type of integration demonstrates Intelitics and GiG’s commitment to play a key role in achieving sustainable scale.

“We are very excited to further our existing integration with GiG and continuing to strengthen our relationships with platforms that share the same vision of the importance of real-time data,” Allan Petrilli, VP of Sales and Growth at Intelitics said. He added:

“We’re proud to be the first user-acquisition tracking platform to integrate the GiG Data Broker, and we’re sure it will lead to more secure and seamless integrations, as well as giving our customers fully, real-time access to all the data points they need.”

Director of Sales & Business Development at GiG, Martin Collins, said:

“With Intelitics becoming the first affiliate platform provider on our Marketplace to integrate to the GiG Data Broker, our partners can now draw leverage from the real-time data flow advantage that it offers. We’re indelibly linked to the innovation and ingenuity of our solutions, so it’s a continued source of pride to be able to keep pushing new ground.”

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