The Richest Female Poker Players in the World Today

Casino games have long ceased to be confined to the male domain, these days, more and more women are participating in casino games, and not only stop there, but they also surpass countless other men to put their name on the rankings of the best casino players in the world. If only considering the poker game, the number of professional female players is really uncountable, because without participating in big competitions, on the online poker platform, female players are always standing at the top of the people with the highest achievements and winning the most awards. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the richest and most talented female poker players that make anyone who hears their names admire them.

Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst is such a popular name that even a beginner in poker knows her. Currently, among female poker players, Vanessa Selbst seems to have no rival. In terms of class and level, she was completely ahead of the other competitors. Vanessa said goodbye to her poker career in 2019, but her achievements and the total number of awards are enough to make fans feel awe and admiration. The special thing about Vanessa is that she is a former lawyer who graduated from Yale University – one of the most prestigious universities in the US. She has too many choices for her career instead of choosing to play professionally, but deciding to pursue poker is probably the best decision in Vanessa’s life. With her intelligence, talent and sharp mind, she has won three World Series of Poker bracelets that no female poker player has been able to break.

Kristen Foxen

Kristen Foxen poker player

Kristen Foxen is the name that beat every opponent on the Global Poker Index rankings, she is considered the best poker player at the moment until Vanessa retired. She is the perfect poker player both online and in live tournaments. She is known as a player who has won more than 5 million dollars in cash at international poker tournaments, not only that, Foxen is constantly increasing her fortune with consecutive victories at the competitions at home and abroad. Together with her husband, they became the most popular poker couple in the world.

Jennifer Harman

female poker Jennifer Harman

Unlike Vanessa and Foxen, Jennifer Harman does not attend too many live poker tournaments, she mainly plays on online platforms, but in terms of level and level, she is not inferior to two Vanessa and Foxen, evidence is that Harman has only participated in the live competition a few times, but the amount of money she won has reached nearly 3 million dollars. This is the amount that other poker players have to accumulate in hundreds of different competitions, which is enough to prove how good Harman’s talent is. Harman also receives rave reviews and acclaim from world-famous male poker players, so in the future, if she does appear in live tournaments more often, surely those Other players will have to be wary.

Female poker players always receive love and admiration from poker lovers around the world, they represent the wisdom, intelligence and luck that anyone wants to have.

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