Slotegrator Perfects Online Casino Platform for Latin American Market

Online casino software developer and game aggregator Slotegrator has recently released its updated gambling platform with new functionality and improved modules. Now the company has announced that the platform has been updated for successful operation in the Latin American market with features especially needed in the region.

Latin America is a land of tremendous potential for starting an iGaming business. According to expert estimations, total online gambling revenue in the region is expected to reach more than $2.5 billion by 2025. While established markets are rapidly developing, new countries are opening up their markets with new regulations: for example, Uruguay’s senate recently passed a bill to legalize online gambling.

The possibilities are limitless, so Slotegrator has taken measures to prepare its software for successful operation in the market, providing operators the opportunity to successfully expand their business in LatAm.

How can Slotegrator’s platform help operators in LatAm?

Slotegrator’s online casino platform now offers a new Casino Builder module that allows operators to design the front end of their project while taking into account the region’s most common UX and UI preferences. With Casino Builder, operators can quickly and easily adjust the look of their site to appeal to players in Latin America. The flexible and adaptable back office also enables operators to manage multiple website interfaces from a single back office.

The updated bonus module provides promos and offers especially loved by Latin American players. More than that, the platform backend has already integrated payment systems and methods preferable in the region, allowing players to deposit in LatAm currencies, which helps operators get rid of the burden of hunting for the right payment methods and integrating them separately one by one.

Given the popularity of sports betting (especially football) across the entire region, offering local players the opportunity to bet is a win-win strategy. To help operators give bettors what they’re looking for, Slotegrator’s platform has an in-built sportsbook with a variety of sports types and data feeds.

For many Latin Americans, mobile internet isn’t just a convenience; it’s the only internet access they have. The clear implication for online businesses is that whatever their product is, it needs to work smoothly in one hand and fit neatly on a small screen. In line with locals’  preference for mobile gambling, Slotegrator’s platform is equipped with its pioneering innovative solution — Telegram Casino. This alternative frontend is available in the popular application, making it possible to reach casino games conveniently on mobile phones. It also has an in-built sportsbook, making it a perfect product for the LatAm market. Another advantage is that players can deposit directly in the app as well as accessing all their favorite games from top providers in a few clicks right from the application.

When it comes to games, of course, when entering the new market, it is crucial to analyze which providers and game types are especially popular there to offer players what they crave. Slotegrator has operators covered in this area as well. For example, according to the company’s analysis, some of the popular providers in the region are Igrosoft, Playson, OneTouch, Evolution, and Pragmatic Play; game content from all of them is integrated into the platform through the game aggregation solution APIgrator, which comes with the platform already included, but works as a separate module as well.

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