BitStarz Casino Nominated for Three Sigma LCB Awards

After the public voting session ended, award winning online casino BitStarz was shortlisted in not one, but THREE Sigma LCB Awards categories.

The three categories in which the casino operator could grab the prizes later this year are Best Online Casino, Helping Hand, and Members Choice. This does not only recognize BitStarz as a casino, but also marks the popularity of crypto and bitcoin casinos in general.

With the inaugural awards taking place in 2022, the Sigma LCB Awards are something completely new.

For over 15 years, LCB has been one of the most reliable sources of casino and casino game information on the internet. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Sigma would collaborate with such a reputable organization to develop a new awards event to recognize the finest in the industry.

Twenty casinos were nominated in all but one of the Sigma LCB Awards categories. Every possible online casino that is currently active was listed in the Members Choice category.

This list of casinos was issued in May, and the LCB invited its members to vote for their favorite casino in each category. The voting period ended on September 1, and the top six shortlisted casinos in each category were announced shortly thereafter.

After the public voting phase of the awards has completed and the shortlisted casinos have been announced, a jury established by LCB will decide the ultimate winners in all categories except Members Choice, which will be determined by the results of the public vote.

Each category’s winner will be revealed at a special event held in Malta this November 15.

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