A Grand Fiesta with Yggdrasil’s Latest Game Calavera Crush

When Yggdrasil throws the biggest Day of the Dead party ever in his latest release, Calavera Crush, players can expect one of the biggest adventures of the year.

Coupled with upbeat mariachi tunes, this spectacular slot offers a variety of enticing bonus features and mechanics, including Avalanches, which remove winning symbols, allow new symbols to fill empty spaces, and a potentially infinite win multiplier. Free Spins.

Whenever a player registers for a winning spin, a special wild symbol can land on an empty spot on the reels and randomly increase the win multiplier by +1, +2 or +3. This win multiplier can add significant value and only resets when the winning streak ends.

The real party starts when four or more scatter symbols appear during the base game and begins the free spins feature, which awards eight free spins. Before the start, players have the opportunity to gamble their spins to win up to 18 free spins.

Calavera Crush’s generous win multiplier will not reset once the Free Spin Bonus is activated, meaning players can win huge cash prizes based on an impressive win multiplier.

Impatient partygoers can use a Golden Bet for an extra 25% per spin, doubling their chances of triggering the bonus. In some jurisdictions, players can purchase instant free spins bonuses.

Calavera Crush is built on GATI, Yggdrasil’s state-of-the-art technology that enables partners to deploy pre-configured, regulated, standardized development kits to consistently produce state-of-the-art content, then rapidly distribute it.

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