Vinnie Jones Makes his Debut in Online Roulette, More to Come

Vinnie Jones Roulette, the premiere game in the Real Dealer Studios game series starring the legendary tough guy, is now available to all operators after being exclusive to Betway for a while.

The game is set in an upscale members-only club with Pooh in the role of VIP dealer. He interacts one-on-one with each player, bringing every bit of his otherworldly street style to the table.

Vinnie’s entry into the game was made possible by Cinematic RNG, an innovative technology developed by Real Dealer that integrates captured cinematic quality video into a random number generator based game framework.

This approach mirrors the Hollywood approach to filmmaking, with professional actors, directors, and production staff providing beautiful dealer and game footage. The resulting game represents a leap forward in quality and fidelity in the field of RNG gaming, previously limited to the use of computer-generated graphics.

Jones said:

“Can you believe they put a geezer like me in charge of roulette?

“Trust me, you’re gonna love this game. It’s just like regular roulette, but loads better, because of me”.

Another innovative release n is Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, which has the celebrity answering a tell all interview-style question during each round while American co-host Rachael Bower acts as the croupier.

This title, along with Vinnie Jones Blackjack, will be launched in November. More Vinnie Jones games are scheduled for release in early 2023.

Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, said:

“We’re effectively blurring the lines between the worlds of iGaming and film, particularly now with these celebrity titles. Apart from yielding an all-around better experience for players, it opens up the door to some fantastic new game concepts”.

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