BETER Launches New Live Table Game – Gravity Blackjack

Live casino provider BETER Live is always looking for new ways to provide players with exciting entertainment and now has a new addition to its collection – Gravity Blackjack!

BETER Live is the live casino brand of next-generation gaming content and data provider BETER, whose other product verticals include fast sports, esports and iGaming solutions. Live dealer games have always been in high demand and their worldwide popularity continues to soar, as evidenced by BETER’s innovative and authentic digital table games.

Gravity Blackjack is a twist on the classic single-group blackjack that combines many amazing bonuses, brand new fixes and exciting side bets for some big wins. For Gravity Blackjack in particular, the BETER Live team has developed multipliers that allow players to multiply their winnings by x2, x4, x6, x8 and x10. These multipliers are random, and if you hit the max multiplier, players can end up with amazing payouts of up to 3,000:1!

No game of BETER Live blackjack is complete without a convenient selection of side bets. Two new side bets have been designed specifically for Gravity Blackjack: Lady Lucky and Banker Bust. In the Lucky Ladies side bet, the player wins if their first two cards total 20, while in the dealer Bust side bet, the player wins if the dealer’s card total exceeds 21.

Director of BETER Live, Anna Vikmane, said about the launch of Gravity Blackjack:

“Gravity Blackjack is another important step forward in the expansion of our game portfolio. We are extremely proud to be able to offer our players an amazing twist on blackjack and, in particular, a variety of classic single-set blackjack with added bonuses. With its side bets and multipliers, we hope that Gravity Blackjack will become a favourite among players all around the world.”

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