Mystino Adds Crypto Payments to Casino with Bitpace Partnership

Popular online casino, mainly catering the Japanese market, has announced a partnership with SG Veteris, a global cryptocurrency-based fintech services group, to accept cryptocurrency as payment for its games through their Bitpace product. Bitpace provides leading e-commerce tools for businesses to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat and accept payments in their preferred local currency.

Bitpace brings the advantage of lower transaction fees compared to more traditional payment methods such as credit or debit cards. Mystino can now accept payments in a range of cryptocurrencies while being immune to price fluctuations and can receive funds in fiat or crypto.

Another benefit is that it provides a new option to withdraw large winnings, which can be more difficult for debit, credit or bank transactions. By using Bitpace, Mystino benefits from fast billing and same-day processing, and is attracted by the fact that it pays as you go, with no upfront costs or fixed payments.

A Mystino representative commented:

“We are committed to providing flexibility in the banking and payment methods that are available to our customers and are looking forward to a successful partnership with SG Veteris. Bitpace offers our customers another convenient way to pay. We can see that digital currencies are growing in popularity, and we feel confident that Bitpace complements our existing payment method portfolio. It offers a solution that requires little involvement from our side which allows Mystino to concentrate on delivering an outstanding customer experience with each interaction.”

Chief Executive Officer of SG Veteris, Anil Oncu, added:

“Accepting crypto through Bitpace is a quick and easy process and as a global business, Mystino can benefit from easy cross-border trade as cryptocurrencies are not subject to foreign currency transaction fees, local taxes or exchange rate fluctuations. Our goal is to make accepting crypto a seamless process and increase adoption by appealing to consumers who are looking for more places to spend their crypto.”

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