PopOK Gaming Gets Green Light for Latvia Expansion

Innovative iGaming developer PopOK Gaming announced to be certified for gambling operations in Latvia.

Further expanding its activities, PopOK Gaming has also entered Latvia. 18 of our most popular games in our portfolio, namely Yummy, Lost Treasure, Diamond Flash, 20 Hot Bar, Sultan’s Tale, Los Apaches, Lucky Jungle and more, and 4 tier jackpots are now available for locals to try and delight.

The regulatory approval is further evidence of the continued momentum the online gambling operator is enjoying and opens new doors for its partners to grow their business and contribute significantly to their revenue stream.

Product Manager at PopOK Gaming, Tsovinar Elchyan, said:

“This achievement is another important step forward for PopOK Gaming and an impetus for continuous improvements. After receiving the green light to provide our games in Latvia, we are keen on ensuring a remarkable gaming experience for local players and establishing long-term partnerships with our partners.”

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