How the Swedish Licence Has Affected Online Casinos?

Any gambling industry, no matter where it is in the world, must go by a set of guidelines. These frequently differ from one nation to the next. However, they do have the potential for being difficult to understand. Sweden is also one such example.

Even before the development of the internet, the Swedish government regulated the gambling sector. That is accurate given that the State-owned monopoly long dominated the entire gambling sector.

Sweden’s Gambling Laws

It is no secret that Sweden’s gambling rules and regulations have undergone a number of revisions. To begin with, it’s important to remember that the state gambling monopoly was created by the government in 1934 in order to outlaw illicit gambling.

Up until 2018, Sweden’s local gambling market was still a state monopoly. Therefore Swedish gamblers could choose between the four locations or cruise ships. In fact, considering that the online casino industry is becoming more and more popular worldwide, it has become more difficult for legislators to uphold the state monopoly.

However, the history of gambling in Sweden saw a big transformation in the year 2020. The Swedish Gambling Authority will now have the authority to approve all kinds of gambling, both online and off, under the new law, which takes effect in 2020. The new laws also place tight restrictions on gambling responsibly and, most importantly, safeguard gamers.


The Swedish gambling sector as a whole has been significantly impacted by the changes in gambling laws. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at the impacts of changes in gambling laws, or as you can say the impact of Swedish licence on online casions. So, let’s get right to it.

Increase in customers for online casinos

The increase of players is one significant result of Swedish regulation of the gambling industry. As we already mentioned, the new rules now permit licenced gaming businesses to operate in Sweden. This gives gamblers a variety of possibilities to pick from.

To entice new players, the majority of gambling businesses also offer incentives like casino bonuses and other promotions like cashback or free spins. More Swedish players are now gambling as a result of welcome incentives and free bets. These bonuses have increased the overall number of gamblers.

Safer gambling environment

There is no denying that the change in Swedish gambling laws has enhanced both online and offline gamblers’ security. If a Swedish gambler joined an unregulated online gambling site, they wouldn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

However, the Swedish Gambling Authority has ensured that all gambling businesses in Sweden have licences and adhere to the established guidelines. Consequently, there is a safer market where gamblers can play their favourite games.

Increase in online casinos

Mikael at says, new regulation has led to three main factors that have contributed to the Swedish gambling industry’s continuous growth: a rise in the number of players, and Safer better advertising methods for casinos that has the swedish licence. And finally, unlicenced casinos.

The regulated casinos have increased the number of players that sign up for their services. All this is thanks to new marketing strategies, ensuring the expansion of the gambling market in Sweden. That is the reason why we have seen the rise of some of the most exquisite online casinos in whole Sweden. As long as they have a licence and abide by the rules established by the relevant authorities, gambling enterprises can now publicly and freely advertise their services

After Sweden got its own gaming license, the phenomenon of unlicensed casinos has increased a lot in popularity. However, this term does not mean that the casino does not have a licence, but it means that the gambling company is licensed in another country. This has led to Swedish players having to choose whether they want to play at a Swedish casino or a foreign one.

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