PressEnter Group Upgrades its Payment Options with MiFinity

Secure iGaming e-wallet MiFinity announced a new partnership with online casino operator PressEnter Group (formerly Betpoint Group). The partnership will provide PressEnter Group customers with a superior user experience when using MiFinity eWallet payment services.

PressEnter Group is based in Malta and focuses on delivering consumer-focused products. Popular brands include, JustSpin, NeonVegas, NitroCasino, UltraCasino and RapidCasino.

“We are delighted to support PressEnter Group as they expand their European presence by offering customers more payment options,” Paul Kavanagh, CEO of MiFinity, commented. “With our wide range of localised payment options, we provide PressEnter Group customers with security and high-converting options,” he added.

Through the partnership, PressEnter Group will also benefit from MiFinity’s expertise in processing bank payments in some of the more difficult markets. MiFinity’s payment services reduce administration and save money by supporting 17 currencies, over 40 built-in payment methods, local banking and international settlements outside of non-local networks.

Carl Degiorgio, COO of PressEnter Group, said:

“At PressEnter Group, we strive to provide an unparalleled online experience and are constantly working to improve our customer service, including payment methods. We partner with MiFinity because of their wide range of localized payments. options, and continue to innovate and improve payment processes and processes. As a result, it’s fast, intuitive and secure for our customers.”

As part of MiFinity’s commitment to helping clients get more out of their funds, PressEnter Group’s iGaming clients can also benefit from a free virtual IBAN linked to their MiFinity Wallet.

Paul Kavanagh concluded:

“With the virtual IBAN, we have gone a step further and offered free transfers to all EEA and UK users. The virtual IBAN is ideal for PressEnter Group clients as there are no fees; they can spend more money, which is also Benefit our dealers.”

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