Pascal Gaming Offers Hollywood Experience in Drift

Pascal Gaming is constantly exploring new horizons to offer its operators and players more games and solutions by implementing fresh, dynamic and engaging games.

This time, Drift is the firm’s latest addition, bringing a truly exciting Hollywood movie experience to players who crave big wins and stunning gameplay at the same time.

The game stands on a solid foundation with its advanced variety of features, including random multipliers, golden rings and bonus games, the possibility to check game results, a proven fair system and an absolutely high chance of winning.

Drift is a non-stop game that allows players to join and place bets at any time for fun with fantastic supermodels and supercars. The player turns the wheel after placing a bet, and the initial amount starts to increase. Big wins are guaranteed if you cash out before the car explodes, otherwise you lose the game.

The game is simple, but it has detailed features and interface that allow players to fully participate in the game and enjoy the entire process. As such, this new release lays a solid foundation for the operator’s growth and high revenue.

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