Safety of Online Casino Apps in 2022

Playing your favorite casino games is no longer restricted to traditional land-based casinos. Thanks to technological innovations, you can play all the popular casino games on your laptop or smartphone. The online gaming industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the last few years. It is expected to attain a valuation of $66 billion in 2022.

However, hackers, scammers, and other cyber criminals target the online gaming industry due to the high number of transactions. Online casinos are doing everything possible to ensure their apps are safe for players.

The following are some of the measures online gaming platforms use to ensure you have a safe gaming experience:

Data Encryption

The law demands that all legal gaming apps encrypt player data using modern encryption methods. The best casino apps primarily use SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. This technique, approved by Google, ensures that data is safe as it moves from one server to another.

Most apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store are secure socket layer encrypted. If you are using a browser, you can confirm SSL encryption by checking whether there is a locked padlock symbol on the address bar.

Besides SSL encryption, online casino apps must adhere to strict data-protection laws. They also feature a password protection tool that limits access to your online gaming account. Top online casino apps incorporate numerous other security tools that safeguard your private information, such as banking details.

Audited Games and Software Providers

If an online casino app has a valid license, it most likely offers audited games from reputable software providers. Gambling regulatory bodies in most parts of the world don’t just vet online gaming sites. They also audit casino software providers who develop your favorite casino games like slots and poker, among other table games.

Apart from audits, reputation is also important in the online gaming industry. Every player wants a fair and high-quality game. If an online casino operator meets these demands, their games will likely become popular among gamers. On the other, its reputation will take a hit if the games are unfair.

Currently, the biggest online casino software developers based in the United States are Scientific Games and IGT. However, numerous other developers are based in Europe and around the globe. Some biggest online casino software development brands include Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, and Evolution.

Always look for casino apps offering a wide variety of games. For instance, if you are a table game enthusiast, make sure you look for an app that provides live games. This allows you to play against other people instead of bots.

Safe Payment Methods

In the past, you could only deposit funds into your gambling account through wire transfers. However modern online gaming platforms allow you to make transactions via virtual currencies, credit or debit cards, and trustworthy payment apps.

All online transactions involving money transfers come with some level of risk. Therefore, you need to ensure that the online casino you choose supports your preferred payment mode. Industry experts recommend playing at online casinos that support blockchain technology. Also, stakeholders in the online casino industry have realized the potential benefits of blockchain tech.

Blockchain technology eliminates the need for intermediary services like verification and authentication. In addition to improving the ease of access to online casinos, it enhances the level of transparency and trust within the online gaming sector. Today, numerous casino apps support payments in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other popular virtual currencies.

Cryptocurrencies operate under a decentralized ledger that minimizes interferences from third parties like banks and other financial institutions. You are not at any risk of facing legal consequences when you choose virtual currencies as a payment method.

Tips to Ensure Safe Gaming Experience on Casino Apps

Apart from the measures taken by online casinos, players are also responsible for ensuring they are safe when playing on online casino apps. These tips will enhance your safety:

Avoid Public Networks When Doing Online Financial Transactions

Most public networks have little or zero security protocols. For instance, public WiFi broadcasts user data to everyone within its range. Therefore, everyone connected to that network can see everything you do online. There are numerous instances where cybercriminals spoof these public networks to steal sensitive data from unsuspecting players.

Never share personal information like financial credentials when using a public network. Use a secure connection when playing online casino games and betting.

Create a Strong Password

Setting a strong password for your online gaming account is crucial to improving safety. However, it is unadvisable to use anything personal to you, like your date of birth, as your password. Instead, a strong password should be more than eight characters long with alphabetical, numerical, and special characters.

If you have difficulties coming up with a password, browser extensions can generate one for you. You should avoid using password managers at all costs since scammers can hack them.

Avoid Casinos Requiring Any App Installation

All top online casinos make it easy for players to play on their websites using a local browser. Stay away from platforms that require you to download and install any software, even if they have attractive incentives for players.

Downloading casino software can tamper with your device’s security. You might not be aware that most of the software on your phone. Most mobile apps request permission to access things like calls, media, messages, etc. But you don’t have to risk your privacy when you can safely play your preferred game on a web-based casino app. This way, you limit the amount of information you share with the platform.

Ensure Your Mobile Device Is Secure

Even though you are using a secure online casino app, your mobile device can compromise your safety. Ensure you take basic measures like biometrics to keep your mobile device safe. You can also install antivirus software to protect it from digital viruses.

Although not common, your mobile device can get infected with viruses. It can happen when you download files from questionable third-party sites. Ensure you download apps from trustworthy platforms like Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

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