ACMA Blocks More Offshore Gambling Websites in Australia

The ACMA has once again stepped up to request that Australian internet service providers (ISPs) block more illegal offshore gambling websites.

The illegal gambling sites that were offering their services and now got blocked include:

Pokie Island

Rich Palms

Lucky Tiger Casino




Casino Rocket



Jackpot Jill VIP

Robin Roo

The ACMA undertook investigations that found these sites to be operating in breach of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001.

Website blocking is one of a range of enforcement options to protect Australians against illegal online gambling. Since the ACMA made its first blocking request in November 2019, 555 illegal gambling websites have been blocked.

Over 170 illegal services have also pulled out of the Australian market since the ACMA started enforcing new illegal offshore gambling rules in 2017.

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