Pascal Gaming Brings a Twist to Traditional Baccarat

Pascal Gaming has expanded its lineup of table games with the new Non-Stop Baccarat, which brings the traditional game of baccarat to life in a new light. To provide players with a quality experience and amazing gameplay, Non-Stop Baccarat is designed with the best gaming solutions.

With its advanced features, the game offers the users to play this popular table game with a provable fairness feature that provides a trustworthy experience, accompanied by transparency for players throughout the game, and, unlike live casinos, allows users to bet with minimal bet amount.

Non-Stop Baccarat has 3 different play rooms with different designs, different bet amounts and winning limits and allows an unlimited number of players to play in the same round. It is available on both desktop and mobile versions, ensuring players always have the game available.

The modern approach to the traditional game creates a solid foundation for developing growing traffic on the operator’s websites and attracting more players.

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