Jack’s Casino & Sports First to Partner with Gamban in the Netherlands

Jack’s Casino & Sports in the Netherlands is offering players a free subscription to Gamban – a software package that blocks all websites offering online gambling, this is a very effective responsible gaming measure to protect vulnerable players. Once the software is installed players can’t access any online gaming site, legal or illegal.

Eric Olders, CEO and Chairman of the JVH group, said:

“Responsible gaming and the protection of players are both extremely important at JVH. Therefore, we are proud that JACKS.NL is the first Dutch gambling provider offering Gamban software for free. We have been offering this software to our players since the launch of JACKS.NL. We strongly believe that gambling must always be an experience, based on hospitality, safety, variety and, most of all, fun. By offering this software for free – on top of all our other responsible gaming tools and processes – we can provide even greater protection to players.”

Olders added:

“We strive for safe and trusted environments for all our players. Simply excluding vulnerable players from our site alone is not enough. It could drive them to other gambling sites, including and especially illegal sites without proper responsible gaming measures. The essence of improving player protection lies in the exclusion of illegal sites. This software enables players to exclude themselves from all sites. The Gamban software blocks all gaming websites worldwide, preventing those players from any gambling online. Gamban is a smart and most effective software for blocking all gambling sites and applications.”

First Gamban partner in the Netherlands

James Forman, Business Intelligence Officer at Gamban, said:

“We’re pleased to be working with JOI gaming as our first operator partner in the Netherlands. Jack’s Casino & Sports is demonstrating its strong commitment to its players, by offering fully paid for Gamban licenses to their customers. Gamban is most effective when used in addition to other tools and support, such as signing up to CRUKS (the Dutch self-exclusion register), and the use of low limits for young adults.”

Since 2015, Gamban has gone from strength to strength, setting the standard in gambling blocking software. First-hand experience of problem gambling combined with the most talented minds in the field of gambling blocking software has resulted in the most effective cross-platform solution for creating friction and aiding willpower in the fight against gambling addiction. Used by tens of thousands of people worldwide, Gamban has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

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