ComeOn Group Joins Forces with AI Market Leader Ada

Leading iGaming company ComeOn Group announced entering into a partnership with Ada, a company specialised in automated brand interaction. ComeOn has implemented Ada’s chatbot solution that is powered by AI, to scale up their customer support as well as deliver a personalised, and world-class service to their customer base. ComeOn has already launched the chatbot in several markets and reveals that the plan is to have all markets and languages live by Q3 this year.

This launch is a big milestone in ComeOn’s overarching strategy to deliver a market leading Customer Experience. Ada’s AI powered chatbot has decreased handling time allowing ComeOn’s Customer Experience team to focus on direct player interaction resolving more queries on first contact.

Daniela Vella, Chief Operating Officer at ComeOn Group, said: 

“This is a big enabler for the team to drive forward our signature first class support whilst still aligning with the bigger automation transformation of the group. Ada was a natural choice for ComeOn Group given the synergies between us – the solution is efficient from both a technology and a human aspect!”

Jim Monroe, Vice President of Customer Experience at Ada, said:

“We’re excited to be working with ComeOn Group’s Customer Experience team. They’re an innovative team and are inquisitive, analytical, and adept with the Ada Platform. They are leveraging our segmentation and multilingual capabilities to deliver a personalised experience to their customers across their multiple brands and languages.”

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